Buah Mengkudu, a Home Remedy for Tonsillitis

"Mengkudu (noni) is not a popular plant in Indonesia, Java in particular. Mengkudu, or often referred to as pace in Javanese, usually grows wild. Mengkudu fruits will often let to rip in its trees, let it fall and rot, without anyone using it. This is because many people are still unfamiliar with the mengkudu benefits. Most of the local still think that the only benefits of mengkudu fruits are only as a ‘necklace’’ to treat mumps. In fact, mengkudu contains selenium, magnesium, glutamate, nutrients, and other substances that are very beneficial for our body "

Published by : Kurnia HD  -  24/03/2020 16:58 WIB

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Two obvious characteristics of a mengkudu is its bad smell and ugly shape. Even so, behind those unpleasant facades, mengkudu has the substances to treat tonsillitis (tonsil inflammation). All you need is to provide 3 ripe mengkudu fruit and 1 tablespoon honey.

Wash the mengkudu fruits clean and grate them. Then squeeze the grated mengkudu using a soft sieve or cloth into a glass. Put in the honey and stir. Now your tonsil medicine is ready. The dose for consuming this herb is enough once a day.

If you happen to suffer from tonsillitis, you can try this herb at home. But if the condition does not improve, immediately consult a doctor for further treatment.



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