Daun Kelor to Relieve Stiff Joints & Body Aches

"Most of the Indonesian people, especially Javanese, only know daun kelor as a complement to bathing corpses. In fact, Moringa leaves have extraordinary properties that are beneficial for the body, one of which is relieving Joints & Body Aches."

Published by : administrator  -  29/10/2019 10:14 WIB

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Moringa leaves can be an alternative to get rid of body aches. Viewed from the healing effect, instant supplements available in the market will respond much faster to the problems. However, daun kelor (Moringa leaves) are much safer when compared to supplements, as the supplements are often having negative side effects to the body.


In addition to treating stiff joints and body aches, daun kelor also have other properties, namely lowering sugar levels, as an antioxidant, hepatoprotector, and liver fibrosis.

The efficacy of daun kelor is not just in theory and empirical experience. But it is also supported by the existence of various daun kelor ingredients that have been recorded and written by several experts and herbalists. An example is the jamu for stiff joints and body aches written by an herbalist, Zaenal Gani, in the book 100 Plus Herbal Indonesia. Here are the details of the herb’s ingredients and how to make it.


  • 100 g daun kelor
  • Salt to taste

How to make:

  1. Finely ground daun kelor that have been mixed with salt
  2. Apply it on the achy body part

Easy isn’t it? You no longer need to take instant supplements to relieve stiff joints and body aches. Jamupedia friends simply look for daun kelor around the house, and start making your own herb. Besides being safe from side effects, you don’t need to spend a dime to make this jamu.



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