Gandarusa For Leo’s Sprained Leg

"Lionel Messi (Leo) deserves the title of world best player. His dribbling is extraordinary and almost impossible to stop, no wonder his fans called him alien, a soccer player from another planet. But, apparently, Leo is still an ordinary human being who can also get sprained. A first-degree sprain in the calf of his right leg had temporarily stopped his training and lost his chance to play with his Barcelona squad to compete in the United States."

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Like Leo, most people have suffered sprains in one or other time. The cause of sprains is often exercise. Such as, walking on uneven surfaces, wrong techniques when jumping and landing, rotating movements, falling and so on.

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The effects of sprains depend on its severity. The usual effects are pain, swelling and bruising. Sprains hinder daily activities, because they limit body movement. There will be swelling too, and the pain will be more severe.

You can treat sprains by using natural ingredients. Book “Ramuan Herbal Tuntas Penyakit (Herbal Potions to Get Rid of Diseases)” notes there are several plants to treat sprains. One of them is a herb of leaves and young stalks of gandarusa/willow-leaved justicia (Justicia gendarussa).

Clean the leaves and young stalks of gandarusa, add salt and then heat with warm water. Then while it’s warm, cover the sprain with the willow stalks and leaves. Do it this way repeatedly and regularly, 2-3 times a day so that the swelling is immediately deflated.



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