Garlic to Get Rid of That Nagging Panu

"Silky white skin is every woman's dream. They are willing to spend a lot of money to buy brightening products for their skin. But, what if it's only gets whiter because of panu (tinea versicolor)? Yes, it's an embarrassment"

Published by : administrator  -  29/10/2019 09:58 WIB

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Panu (tinea versicolor) is a skin problem that caused white patches like islands on the skin. This problem is caused by fungus. This skin disease is often found in tropical countries such as Indonesia due to lack of personal hygiene. Panu often appears on the back, chest, neck, and upper arms. Besides itching and making you uncomfortable, panu also impacts the sufferer psychologically. A Panu sufferer often feels insecure when meeting other people. Panu also makes the sufferers shunned by others, because it can easily be transmitted to other people just by direct contact. Ouch, that’s a shame, isn’t it!

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Various ways are done to get rid of panu. Skin ointment is a medicine that is often used if you have panu. However, there are ingredients close to us that can be used to treat panu. Go to the kitchen and get some garlic. Cut, then apply the pieces of garlic on the skin affected by panu. Garlic is believed for generations to be able to overcome the problem of panu. This is reinforced by research which states that the anti-oxidant content in garlic can function as an anti-bacterial and fungal substance. These two substances are very effective against panu. But, remember, a pound of garlic will be meaningless after all, if you keep forgetting your shower time!


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