Gout Reliever a la Javanese Palace Herb Masters

"Gout is caused by high purine substances in the body. Purines are found in every food and come from living things. So, all foods including vegetables and fruits contain high purine substances which can cause uric acid"

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Gout often attacks the joints of the toes, knees, hands and wrists. Symptoms of gout are often taken lightly by sufferers. Most think this happened because they worked hard all day. Thus, they often see the problem as a regular one. However, if it left for a long time, it can be fatal.

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Symptoms of gout including quickly feeling tired and achy body. It accompanied by pain in the muscles, joints of the waist, knees, shoulders, frequent urination, and a severe tingling feeling. The affected areas also often swell.

Gout is caused by high purine substances in the body. Under normal conditions purine substances are not dangerous. Purine substance is found on every food and comes from living things. So, all foods, including vegetables and fruits, contain purines -which, if excessive, can cause gout.

Gout sufferers usually avoid certain foods so that the pain does not recur. For example, they avoid animal offal (popular locally in Java and Indonesia), seafood dishes, nuts, spinach, durian, etc. In addition, to reduce pain, they also take various pain relievers. One of them is jamu.

There are many choices of jamu to cure gout. One of them is written in book Pengobatan Tradisional dengan Jamu Ala Kraton (Traditional Medicine with Jamu Ala Javanese Palace). Our elders use this jamu to help relieve pain due to gout.

It’s easy to make. You even can make at home yourself.


2 thumbs of temu manga/mango ginger (Curcuma amada)

50 g leaves of gandarusa/willow-leaved justicia (Justicia gendarussa)

60 g leaves and stems of sidaguri/arrowleaf sida (Sida rhombifolia L, also known as seleguri)

5 glasses of water

How to make:

  1. Wash temu mangga and then slice into thin slices.
  2. Cut sidaguri leaves and stems. Boil all ingredients in water.
  3. Drink the jamu regularly, twice a day before lunch and dinner.


Temu mangga, sidaguri leaves and gandarusa leaves, are often difficult to obtain freshly. But, you can get it at any herbal markets or through online marketplaces such as Tokopedia or Bukalapak.



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