Healthy Living Resolutions You Should Do in 2021

"Having a purpose make our life feels more alive. Living the day with a definite goal will make it easier for us to reach what we want as well. The goal of living a healthy life is no exception, right? Some people, probably, always think that being healthy is hard-to-achieve goal. But no, if we have a list or a healthy living resolution, we can do it in a breeze."

Published by : administrator  -  04/01/2021 08:36 WIB

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2020 is coming to an end. We do hope, the days that have passed went by as smoothly as you planned. And it doesn’t feel like the year 2021 is real, facing us with its new challenges. And it’s time for us to make a great plan again. Healthy living resolutions should be our main “list” for the next year.

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Having a healthy and fit body will certainly give you better resistance to various diseases. A healthy body is the starting point for all the good plans that we want to achieve in the next year. Therefore, let’s try to determine a resolution for healthy living in the year 2021.

1. Do Regular Exercise

We are definitely aware that regular exercise provides many benefits for the body. However, many of us are reluctant or lazy to do so. The reasons may vary: there is no time, no friends, and even feeling lazy are only several reasons often haunts us when want to exercise. Therefore, in 2021, firm your intention and take the time to exercise. It doesn’t have to be long. You need to do it for 30 minutes a day and do it with all your heart. One more thing, the exercise should not have to be strenuous exercise. Light exercise (such as long-distance walking, jumping rope, yoga), if done regularly will keep your body healthy and in shape.

2. Drinking Jamu

Current foods and drinks so ubiquitous on the market and are often favorites of young people are not necessarily healthy. On the other hand, jamu, which is a healthcare legacy from our ancestor, are almost forgotten. In fact, jamu is made from various spices and have extraordinary properties for our body. Consuming jamu regularly makes our body healthier and fitter, although not instantly. Even so, the efficacy of jamu does not need to be doubted, as it has been clearly proven by time.

3. Drink 1.5L of water/day

Water is good for health. From the utmost importance, even water is often touted as a remedy for all medicines. According to some experts, there is a right time to drink water, namely 1 or 2 glasses after waking up, 1 cup before bathing, 1 cup ½ hour before meals, 1 glass before bed, drink more before and after exercise and when sick.

4. To have enough rest

To fully replenish our energy which often depleted after long hours of daily activities, the body needs enough resting time. Getting a good rest sleep averaging 8 hours a day, starting at 10pm, should be a good start. At night our body will ‘restart’ again and optimize the functions of our organs. Sleeping earlier can also reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. On the other hand, staying up late and not getting enough sleep can increase pressure and inflammation in the body.

5. Avoid stress

Too much work often leads us distressed. The stress even worse during a pandemic like this time, as working from home is more boring than working regular office jobs. Even more, we also cannot hang out or do travelling, considering that Covid-19 has not completely gone from Indonesia. To minimize stress, you can do small things such as listening to music, cycling, watching movies at home or even do light travelling by considering the health protocols.

6. Reducing Junk Food / Fast Food

Finding fast food is easy. Just open the food order application, wait a moment, the order comes and we have a satisfied stomach a moment later. But it all comes with implications. You do have to remember, frequent eating of this fast food can increase fat and carbohydrates intake into our body, which eventually give us the risk of obesity and other chronic health problems. So, in the coming 2021 try to reduce junk food to keep your body healthy and diseases-free.

7. No Smoking & No Alcohol

These two bad habits are closely related to the youth universe, though both of those can cause serious health problems for the body. Frequent smoking can cause nicotine plaque buildup in blood vessels which will interfere with blood vessel function. This can lead to heart disease, cancer, lung disease, and other chronic diseases. Meanwhile, alcohol is as dangerous as smoking. Diseases caused by frequent consumption of alcohol are impaired liver function, kidney function, liver cancer and so on.

We hope the 7 resolutions above can help you to have a healthy life in 2021. Remember, achieving any dreams begin with a healthy body!