Herbal Topical Medications (1): Herbal Topical Medicines and Their Types

"The price of import medicines for the skin aren’t cheap. People often complain that they cannot buy medicines because the prices are not affordable. Therefore, President Jokowi ordered to cut regulations that hinder the development of the pharmaceutical industry, so that people can buy medicines/drugs at lower prices. Along with the solutions, you can also overcome the problems by using herbal topical medicines"

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Topical medicines are also called external medicines. They are used to treat skin sores, such as bruises, swelling, bleeding, herpes, hives (urticaria), itchiness, and many more. The use of this type of topical medicine is applied to the skin such as creams, ointments, gels, and lotions.

The herbal topical ingredients used are komfrey leaves, daun dewa/gynura (Gynura divaricate), aloe vera, leaves of binahong/Madeira-vine (Anredera cordifolia), betel leaves and many more. The properties contained are also various. For example, komfrey leaves can improve blood circulation due to swelling.

The use of natural topical drugs does not mean there are no side effects to the body. Some leaves are not recommended for drinking and are only recommended as external medicine, as they contain toxins. You must pay attention to the characteristics of each topical ingredient before using it as topical medicines.

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