Here Are 5 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Bad Breath During Fasting

"Bad breath is a problem often suffered by the fasting people. Although it is believed that the bad breath of fasting people is fragrant on the side of Allah, it does not mean that we can just let bad breath persist."

Published by : Farida  -  13/05/2022 09:38 WIB

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Bad breath during fasting is often a problem. This can make others uncomfortable and, for people with bad breath, can lose confidence. Therefore, bad breath during fasting must be dealt with so that it does not become worse.

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Why do fasting people often suffer from bad breath? This question must be on the minds of many people. The health.harvard.edu page explains bad breath can also be called halitosis. Bad breath can come from inside or outside the mouth. 

Usually, bad breath is more often associated with the presence of bacteria in the teeth or food debris on the tongue. Therefore, most cases of bad breath are associated with poor dental and oral hygiene.

Bad breath caused by things other than the mouth is usually triggered by disease from other areas of the body. Some of them are sinusitis, bronchitis, stomach problems, liver or kidney disease.

Fasting people’s bad breath usually comes from bacteria in the mouth. When we lack fluids, saliva production will also decrease, so that the growth of bacteria in the mouth increases. In addition, the remnants of food between the teeth also cause an increase in bad breath during fasting.

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Bad Breath

Jamupedia friends with bad breath during fasting need not to worry. This time the editors of Jamupedia will share tips to eliminate bad breath naturally during fasting. Compiled from various sources, see the tips below;

1.Be Sure to Provide Enough Body Fluid Needs

During fasting we will definitely feel thirsty. Lack of body fluids will reduce the production of saliva, thus triggering the growth of bacteria that cause bad breath. Therefore, try to get enough body fluids during Suhoor, breaking fast, and at night. If there is enough body fluids, then our mouth will not be too dry during the day.

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2. Brush Teeth, Tongue, & Gums

During fasting, Jamupedia friends should pay more attention to oral hygiene. The cleaner the mouth, the less the risk of bad breath during fasting. Try to always brush your teeth after Suhoor, after breaking fast, and before bed. When brushing your teeth, also clean your tongue and gums so that the remnants of food are completely removed.

3. Herbal Mouthwash

After brushing your teeth, tongue, and gums, you can maximize mouth protection with herbal mouthwash. Use herbal mouthwash after Suhoor or breaking fast. You can make an herbal mouthwash from a mixture of cinnamon and cloves. Jamupedia friends can prepare a brew of cinnamon and clove water that can later be used for mouthwash. In addition to cloves and cinnamon, you can also use mint leaves and aloe vera.

4. Consume Fruit Rich in Vitamin C

Fruits with vitamin C content are good to consume during Suhoor. Vitamin C can trigger the production of saliva so that the oral cavity will be wetter. The effect is that bacteria may not easily grow during the day.

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5. Avoid Sharp Smelling Foods

During Suhoor, it is best to avoid menus with a sharp smell such as petai (stinking beans), jengkol (dogfruit), onions, and others. This is to reduce the chances of bad breath from the aroma of the food. Although the teeth, tongue, and gums are clean, the sharp and smelly of the menus may be left behind.

Those are five ways to get rid of bad breath naturally during fasting. You may try and feel the results for yourself.