Here’s How to Process Qurban Meat So Tender & Delicious

"The abundance of meat during Eid al-Adha sometimes also presents a problem. Special tips and tricks are needed to process meat so it is tender and delicious to have"

Published by : Farida  -  13/09/2022 15:14 WIB

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Qurban meat should be processed properly and effectively. This relates to the outcome of meat when cooked or the effect after storage. If the processing is correct, the results of the meat when cooked or after being stored for some time will remain delicious and odorless.


On Eid al-Adha, almost everyone has fresh meat. They usually will immediately make plans to process the Qurban meat and save the rest for the next few days.

Making meat tender is often a problem in itself. If only by boiling, it takes a long time for the meat to tender. Of course, it also wastes the gas. You can try the method below to tenderize meat.

How to tenderize Meat

Pineapple is commonly known for tenderizing meat. It is easy to do. Mix or marinate the meat with pineapple slices or blended pineapple. For example, when making a satay menu, slices of young pineapple are mixed with meat. There are also those who mix pineapple in the satay seasoning, and do it according to taste. Marinate meat with pineapple for about 30 minutes.


Quoted from the Travel Tempo page, pineapple contains bromelain enzyme which is able to break down meat fibers. Collagen protein that serves to bind meat fibers will be separated by the enzyme bromelain. The result is mutton or beef will tend to be more tender.

However, the use of pineapple should not be too long. For seasoning dipping afterward, it is recommended to use seasoning/sauce without pineapple in it. if it’s too long, the meat may be ruined when grilled or boiled.

In addition to pineapple, you can use papaya leaves to tenderize meat. Quoted from article journal Profil Protein Lima Jenis Daging yang Direndam Daun Pepaya Berbasis SDS-Page (Protein Profile of Five Types of Meat Soaked in Papaya Leaves Based on SDS-Page), by A. Meryam Susanti, 2019, it is stated that papaya leaves contain papain enzyme. The enzyme is able to hydrolyze protein or break down protein through water so that it tenderizes the meat.


To Process Qurban Meat So It Doesn’t Smell & Ruined

After Eid al-Adha, there is usually plenty of Qurban meat stock in the refrigerator. Considering this, we also have to think about how to store the remaining meat properly. Meat cannot be stored too long as it is prone to odor and rot.

Quoted from the ugm.ac.id page, Livestock Production Expert from the Faculty of Animal Science UGM, Panjono, Ph.D., explained several ways to process Qurban meat;

  • Don’t Wash Fresh Meat

Meat to be stored should not be washed. This is to avoid bacteria from the water contaminating the meat and can cause it to wilt and smell.

  • Cut & Store as Needed

Setelah itu simpan dalam wadah untuk porsi sekali masak. Cut or grind the meat according to your need. This requires us to plan the menus that we will cook later. After that, store it in a container for one-time cooking portions.

  • Use Tight Packaging

When you’re done cutting the meat and sorting it out as needed, use a tight-fitting container. Vacuumed wrap would be better. The more vacuum it is, the less likely it is for bacteria to grow.

  • Don’t Freeze Immediately

Once ready to be stored, you should store the meat in the chiller for a while first. When it’s cold enough, put it in the freezer.