Homemade Permen Asam Jawa? Here’s How to Make it!

"In the past, before confectionery or candy products had various shapes and flavors like today, permen asam Jawa is one of the most sought-after candies that we often encounter in stalls or shops. Its sour yet refreshing taste is loved by older generations. Like to try one?"

Published by : Kurnia HD  -  13/07/2020 08:31 WIB

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Looking back to the past, we found a lot of permen asam Jawa (tamarind candy) in various stalls at a fairly cheap price. Its unique taste attracts children and adults to keep chewing and looking for it. Not infrequently during Idul Fitri day this candy is one of the snacks served on the table to entertain guests. The sweet-sour taste gives a sensation of freshness and the desire to chew it.

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Although seen as as candy, there are many benefits from permen asam Jawa. Tamarind candy has various vitamins and minerals, including vitamins C, A, B1, calcium, iron, and phosphorus. They aree useful for treating sprues, coughs, and fever.

Well, if you miss or like to taste permen asam Jawa and it’s hard to find it at the nearest shop, you can make it yourself. Jamupedia has a recipe for making tamarind candy that you can try at home.


  • 100 g asam Jawa (Tamarindus indica)
  • 50 g brown sugar
  • 100 g sugar
  • 3 cm crushed ginger
  • 150 g breadcrumb
  • 1 cup of warm water
  • 1 cup of water

How to make

  1. Soak and stir asam Jawa in warm water to separate the seeds and then strain.
  2. Boil water, add brown sugar and ginger. Wait until they mix well.
  3. Add asam Jawa and breadcrumbs. Stir until thickened.
  4. Once thickened, and slightly cooled, shape into balls and roll in sugar.
  5. Candy is ready to be enjoyed.