Hot Weather Trigger Prickly Heat! Relieve it with Daun Krokot!

Published by : administrator  -  04/03/2020 13:33 WIB

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Prickly heat is a common disease that occurs during the summer due to clogged pores and traps sweat behind the layers of the skin. If ignored, there will be skin inflammation that causes redness and hotness on skin.

Prickly heat is caused by sweat trapped underneath the skin and cannot evaporate due to obstructed sweat glands of the body. To prevent this, you can regulate room temperature to cooler temperature, using suitable clothes for the temperature or activities, using beds layered with cotton sheets to give cooling effect.

Along with the preventive approaches, you can also cure prickly heat in the traditional way, using starch and juice of daun krokot (purslane leaf). Its content can eliminate inflammation of the skin and dry/reduce sweat production. The healing can be done in two ways.

The first way, prepare ⅔ bucket of warm water. Then, take ½ cup of starch and dissolve it with 1 cup of cold water in a basin. After that, pour warm water into the basin and stir evenly. Prepare a small towel, soak it in the water then compress it on the affected skin. Do this repeatedly for 20 minutes and do not wipe with the towel so that the skin does not scratched.

The second way, find a handful of purslane leaves and wash them clean. After that, mash and squeeze to take the water. Next, rub it on the rash after compressing it with starch water first. Do this treatment every morning and evening for 4-5 days.



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