Jamu for Your Natural and Shining Beauty on Fitri’s Day

"A beautiful look on fitri day is a must. For the special day, Jamupedia friends often need to work hard to ensure an utmost prettiest look, starting from facial, hair, skin, to the whole body. Do you often need to go to a salon and spend a lot of money for the occasion? Actually, you can have a loveliest appearance with something natural and pocket-friendly. Here’s how you do it."

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Jamu from our ancestors has proven its real effectiveness. So, no wonder that the ancient women has timeless beauty. The secret was the use of natural ingredients and jamu they consumed. Besides being easy to find and safe for consumption, jamu does have a different way of working from chemical-based beauty products which sometimes are not safe for us to consume. The way jamu work requires patience for maximum results. But the results will never disappointing.

What are the herbs that to be consumed for a natural beauty? Here’s the review!

  1. Daun Sirih (Betel Leaf)

Betel leaf has good properties for skin health. Betel contains antioxidants to make the skin look healthy, clean, and fresh.

How to make:

Take 2-3 betel leaves then boil in water and strain. Drink the water once a day regularly.


  1. Air Jahe (Ginger Water)

Ginger water can stimulate the mucous membranes of the large stomach and intestines which leads to better body’s metabolism. This makes a person look younger.

How to make:

Boil 2 ginger rhizomes in water and strain. Instead of granulated sugar, add rock sugar/brown sugar to the water. Drink once a day regularly.


  1. Jamu Sinom

This jamu makes the body fresher and helps the detoxification process. Toxins removed from the body make the skin glow and free of acne.

How to make: You can check the Jamupedia TV Youtube channel


  1. Jamu Kunyit Asam

Jamu kunyit asam (Turmeric-tamarind Jamu) contains essential oils, curcumin, protein, iron. and vitamin C. Turmeric can make the skin more radiant so it looks fresher and younger.

How to make: You can check the Jamupedia TV Youtube channel


  1. Kencur

Kencur (aromatic ginger, Kaempferia galangal) contains essential oils that are good for counteracting free radicals, so that they can prevent premature aging.

How to make:

Boil 2-3 kencur with palm sugar and then strain the water. Drink once a day regularly.

It’s easy to have a prettiest natural look in a Fitri day, right? So, for now on don’t forget to have natural jamu herbs in your cache of beauty products.


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