Jamu Ginggang, Original Recipe from a Pakualaman’s Jamu Master

"Jamu Ginggang has been around since 1950. Now 5 generations have passed, but they still stick with the original recipe"

Published by : Farida  -  04/04/2022 09:52 WIB

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There are many traditional jamu businesses in Indonesia. Each has a background and story in the journey of selling these herbal ingredients. Although modernity continues to stream in, there are still places that sell traditional jamu in an original and authentic way. One of them is Jamu Ginggang in Yogyakarta.

On an occasion, Jamupedia met Rudi Supriyadi, the heir of Jamu Ginggang. Ginggang, is not a type of jamu concoction, but the name of an herbal shop that has survived until the 5th generation. Its full name is ‘‘Jamu Tradisional Indonesia Ginggang (Indonesian Traditional Jamu Ginggang)’ or for short it is called Jamu Ginggang which is located at Jalan Masjid no.32, Gunungketur, Pakualaman, Yogyakarta.

Jamu Ginggang is now managed by Rudi Supriyadi. He told me that Jamu Ginggang is started with Mbah Joyo, who had been making jamu since 1927. Mbah Joyo was a special courtier doctor for the Duchy of Pakualaman family.

Long story short, Mbah Joyo is allowed to sell her jamu concoction to the general public. At that time, KGPAA Paku Alam VII gave her the permission. The name Jamu Ginggang is also a gift from the duchy family. Initially the name was Jamu Jawa Asli Tan Ginggang (Tan Ginggang’s Original Javanese Jamu). The meaning of Tan Ginggang means something close, harmonious, familiar. The hope is that through jamu, which was previously exclusive to the royal family, it can be a unifier between citizens or the kingdom with its citizens.

Rudi said that at first, Mbah Joyo sold simple jamu, he didn’t have a store like now. However, at that time many of the customers were from the upper classes. Dutch people who are more educated actually prefer to consume Jamu Ginggang.

Time passed, Rudi as the manager of Jamu Ginggang who is also the 5th generation of the founding family of the business claims the recipes used are still authentic. All jamu are traditionally processed to maintain their authentic taste and efficacy. To prove it, Jamupedia was invited to tour the Jamu Ginggang kitchen. Of course, everything is still original. Rudi even still uses a mortar and pestle to grind some ingredients. He also still uses a wood-fired stove to boil various herbs. 

Rudi admitted that he still had his grandmother’s recipe record. The recipe became the benchmark for concocting the jamu menu at Jamu Ginggang. Not only the original recipe, the way to make herbal medicine is also maintained using the traditional method. At Jamu Ginggang, all the ingredients are ground manually, not using a blender or anything like that.

Rudi asserted, in concocting jamu, everything must be good, starting from cleanliness, quality of raw materials, to the way of presentation. If everything is confirmed to be good, then the results will also be good for consumers.

Jamu Ginggang has approximately 45 jamu menus. The menus are divided into three categories, from Ordinary jamu, Cold Drinks, and Jamu Telor (egg jamu). If we visit Jamu Ginggang, we can order according to the menu, or tell the health complaints to the jamu maker so that the related jamu are made to overcome these complaints.

Rudi revealed that Jamu Ginggang also provides ready-to-drink jamu for anyone who is interested. In addition, Jamu Ginggang can be ordered online. Jamu Ginggang customers are all ages. There are teenage customers, college kids, working-age adults, to old people who usually have been customers for years. Before the pandemic, Jamu Ginggang was also one of the favorite destinations for tourists, but now because of the pandemic, tourist visitors are almost non-existent.

Based on the Jamupedia team’s search, there is an online shop at Tokopedia called Jamu Ginggang Yogyakarta. The shop has been in existence since April 2021. It has not been confirmed whether the shop belongs to the management of Jamu Ginggang or not. The online shop sells jamu beras kencur in the form of a ready-to-brewed powder.

Jamu Ginggang is open every day from 08.00 WIB to 20.00 WIB.