Jamu Topical Medications (2): The efficacy of Komfrey leaves for Bruises

"Many wild plants around us have medicinal properties, komfrey is one of them. This plant, known scientifically as Symphytum Officinale L., has long been known as an herbal plant. Who would have thought that the supposed a wild plant actually works to heal bruises? However, because of its toxic content, these leaves are not recommended for internal medicine, use only as external medicine, as the alkaloids that are absorbed by the skin can be immediately excreted through urine"

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Bruises are usually the result of hitting hard objects, strenuous exercise, and fatigue or even a result of no apparent reasons. The bruise causes a bluish red, purple to black color on the skin, accompanied by swelling and pain. The first aid to relieve a bruise is by compressing it with ice cubes and taking pain relievers.

Bruises accompanied by swelling can be treated using komfrey leaf herb. The content of komfrey leaves can help increase blood flow so that the wound heals faster.

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The treatment approach is easy. Take komfrey leaves then wash them clean. Mash the leaves until smooth and put it on the bruise. Do it regularly until the bruise subsides.

Note: Komfrey leaves can be found on moist soil and along moist rivers, lakes or meadows. You can plant this plant yourself at home after picking it from a damp place.

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