Javanese Herb for Easy Gas Relieving

"Have you ever experienced difficulty passing wind or farting? How does it feel? Stomach, of course, feels painful and uncomfortable. Well, there are things causing difficulty in passing wind, namely bloating, constipation, to chronic appendicitis. The problem might seem trivial, but it you not to know that trapped gas can be life threatening to us "

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Hearing someone passing gas or farting may make you uneasy. Unintentionally farting in front of strangers, makes you feel terrible. But, in fact, farting is a natural bodily process. It indicates that our digestive system is in good shape. It will be a serious problem if you are unable to pass the gas inside your stomach.

In addition to indicating that the digestive system works properly, in the other hand, farting can also indicate that the body is not in a healthy state. This happens if the intensity of the passing gas is excessive. In fact, excessive farting should need immediate medical care if it is accompanied by constipation, fever, nausea, vomiting, and bleeding when defecating.

Then, what to do if we have difficulty in passing gas? The simple solution is to consume gas-producing foods, such as vegetables, fruit, oatmeal, nuts, and milk and their processed derivatives. In addition, you are advised to eat fibrous foods and to take medication if you still can’t pass gas.

You can also use another alternative gas pain reliever with a Javanese herb. This recipe is even clearly recorded in the book Serat Primbon Jampi Jawi. Unlike modern medicine, this herb is for external use only. You only need to put it on the stomach. Here are the ingredients and steps to how to make the herb.


  • Shallot
  • River crab

Ways of making:

  1. Crush shallots smoothly
  2. Grilled crab, then mash with onion
  3. Put it on the stomach

That’s the Javanese herb to ease gas passing from our elders. If one day a Jamupedia friend is having the same trouble of passing gas and you have the ingredients available in hands, it’s worth a try!



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