Jukut Pendul to Relieve Itchy Skin

"Scratching itchy skin feels good and addictive. However, please note that scratching can’t get rid of the itching. Worse still, it eventually irritates our skin. "

Published by : Kurnia HD  -  17/01/2020 15:25 WIB

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Allergies often cause itchy skin. One of herb plants to treat itchy skin is jukut pendul/kyllinga weed (Kyllinga brevifolia). It also known as suket teki. Jukut pendul or rumput pendul is often regarded as a weed. However, Jukut is also known for generations for its effectiveness in treating itchy skin due to allergies.

A Jukut pendul has fibrous root. The stem is green and triangular in shape, gro straight up to the top of approximately 20-30 cm. Jukut pundul leaves are about 20-30 cm long, with 3-4 leaves per stem. Jukut pendul has a flower at the end of a pile of leaves of 0.3-1 cm in size. Jukut pendul flowers are round and light brown in color.

It’s simple to prepare Jukut pendul to treat itchy skin. Boil a handful of jukut pendul. Let stand until lukewarm, then wash the itchy skin with the water. The Itchy would subside in a fairly short time. If you prefere the easier way, after cleaning the jukut then pound it until smooth. Wring it out, and use the juice to relieve the itchy skin.



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