Kecubung to get Rid of Dandruff

"Even though it looks small and trivial, dandruff can't be ignored. Imagine, if in an official event, our hands keep on scratching our itchy heads because of dandruff. White 'snow flakes' is flying all over our black coat. Even worse, our hair becomes messy. In short, dandruff will only smash down your self-confidence."

Published by : Kurnia HD  -  10/02/2020 08:13 WIB

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Dandruff is the flaking of dead skin cells on the scalp in the form of white or gray tiny flakes. Actually, the exfoliation of dead skin cells on the scalp is normal if the amount is only small. However, for some reason, the peeling occurs too quickly and in too much quantity. Dandruff causes scalp itchy and uncomfortable so that it can reduce a person’s self-confidence.

Anything will be applied to get rid of dandruff, starting from shampooing using special anti-dandruff shampoos to doing hair treatments that are quite expensive. Other efforts to get rid of dandruff are limiting foods high in sugar, limiting the use of certain hair care products, managing stress well, and eating foods rich in vitamin B.

Jamupedia friends, you can also use other alternatives to get rid of dandruff, by using traditional ingredients. You need only 2-3 pieces of leaves of kecubung (Datura metel), pound them until smooth. Then rub it on the scalp affected by dandruff. Do this therapy regularly to get maximum results.

It’s easy isn’t it? But you need to remember, this jamu is for an external use only. It is not recommended to be consumed as food or drink.


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