Kunyit and Temulawak to Boost Your Immune Systems during COVID-19 Pandemic

"Lately, our social media are full of news on the dangers of consuming temulawak and kunyit during the outbreak of COVID-19. Some say that the curcumin contained in those two ingredients have a bad impact and make the body more susceptible to COVID-19. Is it true?"

Published by : Kurnia HD  -  20/03/2020 22:10 WIB

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Curcumin is a compound mostly contained in temulawak/Java ginger (Curcuma zanthorrhiza) and kunyit/turmeric rhizomes. This compound is well known for its anti-tumor and antioxidant properties. However, recent news reports on social media say that curcumin is not good for consumption amid the outbreak of COVID-19. The news has been widely shared and caused public anxiety.


It should be noted that temulawak and kunyit have been used for several centuries locally in Indonesia, mainly Java. In fact, until now we still often consume herbs that contain temulawak and kunyit ingredients. Although at that time there was no research that proved the efficacy of both ingredients, those two have been empirically proven to be safe and very beneficial for the health of our bodies.

Curcumin can even increase body immunity if consumed properly. The statement was conveyed by Dr. (Cand) Ingrid Tania. M. Si., the general chairman of the Indonesian Traditional Medicinal and Herbal Medicine Plant Development Doctors Association (PDPOTJI, Perkumpulan Dokter Pengembang Tanaman Obat Tradisional dan Jamu Indonesia) in a press release delivered on March 19, 2020. In this release, there were several important points conveyed, including that temulawak and kunyit were proven safe for consumption because they can maintain health and fitness and maintain liver and digestive health. If we have consumed temulawak and kunyit quite often, we will know that there are no bad effects from the two types of rhizomes.

Dr. (Cand) Inggrid Tania M.Si

Dr. (Cand) Inggrid Tania further explained that curcumin has been proven in various studies and is clinically tested to increase the body’s immune system. In addition, she also explained that curcumin is anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant. It is quite clear that three of the ten points we quote show that there is no danger of consuming temulawak and kunyit in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak.

At the last point, she explained that it was too early to conclude that Curcumin makes us more vulnerable to COVID-19. The news which states that curcumin increases ACE2 expression in alveolar cells in human lungs based only on the article which states that curcumin increases ACE 2 expression in rat heart muscle cells cannot be used as a basis. The prohibition on consuming ACE 2 expression is an irrational ban and there is no research that confirms the adverse effects of consuming ACE 2 expression on COVID-19.

So, you don’t need to worry about the spread of bad news about consuming ACE 2 expression related to COVID-19 which is spread on various social media. It has been explained quite clearly that the content of curcumin is good for the health of our bodies. However, we also have to consume in reasonable limits.

Our president has proven the efficacy of this Temulawak and turmeric. You can learn to make President Jokowi’s temulawak and kunyit herbs on this JamupediaTV  Youtube channel.

There are also places which offer Temulawak and turmeric in practical packaging, such as Acaraki Cafe. Due to the high demand, this cafe, which is located in the Kota Tua area, packs one of its specialty menus so that customers can enjoy it at home. The name is JKT1681. JKT is an acronym for Jahe Kunyit Temulawak, while 1681 is Mr. Jokowi’s student number when he was in college. According to Hardiana Prasanti, Acaraki made this menu indeed because the management was inspired by Mr. Jokowi’s habit of consuming this herb.

“Each package only contains ginger, kunyit and temulawak without any additional ingredients!” Hardiana said. If you’re interested in getting the product, you can order it via Acaraki’s Instagram.

Hardiana Prasanti dan JKT1681

Gujati 59, a manufacturer of jamu from Solo, also has several kunyit and temulawak products. In fact, Gujati also makes angkringan jamu (jamu stall) in Solo, named Gue Jantung Hati (I’m the loved one). One of the menus offered is Gue Lockdown Loe (I locked down you).

“We just opened this Angkringan on 15 March. The herbs we pack are contemporary, “said Aini Syarifah Indriyani, GM Gujati 59.

Whatever your choice, make it yourself or buy, the most important thing is to stay safe, stay healthy. Don’t forget to stay healthy, eat nutritious food, get adequate rest, exercise, and don’t forget to keep the faith and pray for God’s protection.