Kunyit Asam and Our Immune Systems

"Jamupedia friends, our immune system is not always in maximum performance. Sometimes it goes up and down depending on the activity, weather, and environmental conditions. When the immune system decreases, it will be easy to get sick. That's when the body needs time!"

Published by : administrator  -  12/11/2019 10:55 WIB

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Various ways have been done to keep the immune system in top condition, from eating healthy foods to dangerous instant ways, like drinking artificial supplements.

Daripada mempertaruhkan tubuh dengan suplemen itu, sobat lebih baik mencoba jamu untuk memperkuat daya tahan tubuh kita. Salah satunya adalah jamu

Instead of risking the body with the artificial supplements, Jamupedia friends might need to try jamu to strengthen our immune system. One of them is jamu kunyit asam (turmeric tamarind), which is passed down from generation to generation and practiced by our elders as one of the herbs to increase endurance.

The efficacy of kunyit asam as an immune guard is not only trusted empirically and has been passed down from generation to generation. Various studies were conducted to prove the efficacy of jamu kunyit asam. As quoted in  lifestyle.kompas.com, Adrian Gombart said that curcumin as part of turmeric can get rid of more than 100 cancer cells in our bodies, especially in the colon.

In line with Gombart, the honestdocs editorial team in their article also support scientific evidence of the kunyit asam efficacy. The various benefits of kunyit asam are clearly written in the  honestdocs.id, article, including cleansing the body of toxins, preventing and treating disease, increasing blood, preventing diabetes, and preventing cancer. In addition, in the jamu kunyit asam, tamarind is still added, whose vitamin C levels are also able to increase our immunity.

When the weather is uncertain, there is a lot of exhausting work to do, try to drink jamu kunyit asam regularly every morning and evening. However, a gallon of jamu kunyit asam means nothing if the lifestyle is not changed. Exercise, get enough rest and eat regularly.



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