Kunyit, The Natural Slimming Ingredient

"A hospital in Jakarta has set a price of 20 million rupiah for women who want to slim down with the liposuction method. However, with only 1 kilogram of turmeric for around Rp. 15,000, you can also be slim in a more natural, safer, and healthy way."

Published by : administrator  -  29/10/2019 10:24 WIB

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An unideal body weight or overweight is a serious problem for everyone, especially women. They really crave a slim, ideal, and sexy body shape. Various ways are done to get a slim and ideal body, from dieting to instant methods such as liposuction -though slim is not only for beauty, but also for health. Unideal weight also can present various metabolic problems, ranging from obesity, the risk of cancer, sleep disorders, to decreased self-confidence.

Actually, you can use natural ingredients to get a slim and ideal body without disturbing the body’s metabolism, namely by consuming kunyit (turmeric). Kunyit is believed to be able to help the body become slim and ideal. From generations, our elders have proven the efficacy of kunyit. The kunyit concoction is even often used by the princesses of the Javanese palaces.

The efficacy of turmeric is not only empirically proven experience, but also strengthened by various studies. As quoted in detikhealth.com, dr. Frizar Irmansyah, SpOG said that there is no problem for a woman who wants to slim down and then consume jamu, especially kunyit. In fact, in the article dr. Frizar does not recommend consuming slimming herbs that contain a lot of chemical ingredients.

Apart from dr. Frizar, dr. Tania Savitri also confirmed that kunyit can lose weight. She explained that the curcumin content in kunyit is able to suppress inflammation of cells in the body, fat, pancreatic cells, and muscles. This process will help our body to suppress blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Dr. Tania also added, the body will become more focused on losing weight, due to the lack of inflammation that may occurs.



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