Lengkuas: A Natural Way to Relieve Spleen Pain

"Lengkuas (Galangal) is different from other types of rhizomes which are widely used as a beverage or other nonfood-related ingredients. Lengkuas is generally only used as a spice in the kitchen. Galangal is not as popular as other rhizomes, such as ginger or kencur (aromatic ginger). Though a bit ‘alienated’ from other rhizomes, it turns out lengkuas has extraordinary properties."

Published by : Kurnia HD  -  08/05/2020 15:08 WIB

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Lengkuas/galangal (Alpine galangal wild) contains essential oils of camphor, cineol, and methylsinamic acid which are beneficial for our bodies. Sineol compounds, for example, has anti-seizure, antibacterial, anti-tumor and anticancer properties.

Image source: health.grid.id

One of lengkuas benefits is to treat spleen pain. Spleen is an organ in our body that is responsible for removing and destroying damaged blood cells. In addition, the spleen also has a duty to store red blood cells and platelets, and become an intermediary between the immune system and the brain. So, if our spleen has a problem, it is likely that the performance of our other organs will also be impaired, and of course our immune system will decrease and are susceptible to other diseases.

We can use galangal in combination with other herbal plants to treat spleen problems. You only need to provide 10 g grated galangal, 15 g grated curcuma, 5 g leaves of meniran/gripeweed (Phyllanthus urinaria), and 200 ml of water.

And this is how to make it: Boil all ingredients, then filter the water and wait until it cools and ready for consumption. Save the dregs of the stew because later it is used as an external medicine, to be rubbed on the left side of the stomach. To get maximum results, you can consume it every morning for 3-4 days.



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