Lengkuas to Relieve Rheumatic Pain

"As age increases, stamina and endurance decrease. You won’t have the same as when you were young. In some conditions, irregularity in the immune system will trigger disturbing health problems, one of the is rheumatic pain or rheumatism. What is the natural way to deal with it? Read the following short article."

Published by : Kurnia HD  -  08/05/2020 15:03 WIB

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Rheumatism can affect anyone. Even so, genetic factors and certain conditions can increase a person’s risk factors for rheumatism, such as old age, smoking habits, obesity, and a family history of disease.

In addition to damaged bones and weakening of muscles, rheumatism can attack other organs in the body. Some of the organs that can be affected by rheumatism include the eyes, lungs, kidneys, heart and blood vessels, as well as teeth and mouth.

Various over-the-counter drug are offered to treat rheumatic problems. But if you choose to treat rheumatism with natural ingredients, you can take advantage of lengkuas (galangal). This material has been used by our elders as the main ingredient in anti-rheumatic herbs.

Four our rheumatism herbs, we only need to prepare 2 pieces of lengkuas (each around the size of the thumb), 1 egg yolk, and honey to taste. After all the ingredients are ready, grate the lengkuas and squeeze it to take the water. Add egg yolk and honey to taste in the juice, stir until blended. Your anti-rheumatic herb is ready to drink.

The drinking dose is 1 time a day. Consume this herb for approximately 1 week for maximum results. This herb can also be consumed if the rheumatism recurs at any time. If it doesn’t show any changes, please immediately consult the doctor.



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