11 Scientific Jamu Recipes, Proof of B2P2TOOT’s Dedication to Public Health

"People's hopes for the availability of natural medicine to overcome various non-contagious diseases have finally answered. Through long research, B2P2TOOT has succeeded in formulating safe and efficacious formulas summarized in 11 scientific jamu recipes"

Published by : Kurnia HD  -  20/05/2020 22:10 WIB

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Today’s modern lifestyle tends to make people ignore of their health. The pervasive and easy-to-grab junk food is a temptation difficult to resist. Not to mention the technology advances that make living easier but, on the other hand, only make us less mobile. Not surprisingly, many people complain about Non-contagious diseases such as high cholesterol level, obesity, blood sugar problems, and arthritis.

To deal with the problems, B2P2TOOT has conducted research on the use of medicinal plants and herbs long consumed by our society for generations. From this research, 11 scientific herbal formulas were produced to treat several types of non-contagious diseases effectively. These 11 formulas have been proven safe and efficacious through a randomized controlled trial (RCT).

The scientific jamu herbs have been recognized and proven their efficacy by partners and the community. This formula has also been submitted to national and international journals and several of them have already been certified. As quoted from Akhmad Saikhu below.

“It is more towards recognition of evidences; this is a kind of partners and our community trusts the ingredients more. The results of this concoction have been published in Indonesian and international journals. Of the 11, part of the certificate has been issued ”

Sumber gambar: http://www.b2p2toot.litbang.kemkes.go.id/

B2P2TOOT has also published 11 books of scientific jamu. Although the community can already feel the benefits directly, there are no plans to mass produce these herbs. According to Akhmad Saikhu, to produce standardized drugs or industrial phyto-pharmacy, a distribution permit must be obtained from the National Police.

“We have examined 11 herbs and we have compiled them in book form. In fact, it can be directly used by the community but to be mass-produced it also has to go through more tests. Because in order to produce standardized drugs or industrial phyto-pharmacy, a distribution permit must be obtained from the National Police. Although the process is almost the same as making a phyto-pharmacy product, there are certain requirements/criteria from legal entities that we must pass so that we can immediately produce “explained Akhmad Saikhu.

Are you curious of the 11 scientific jamu recipes from B2P2TOOT? JamupediaTV has collaborated with B2P2TOOT to make a video tutorial on them.

  1.   Ramuan Jamu Asam Urat
  2.   Ramuan Jamu Tekanan Darah Tinggi
  3.   Ramuan Jamu Wasir
  4.   Ramuan Jamu Radang Sendi
  5.   Ramuan Jamu Kolesterol Tinggi
  6.   Ramuan Jamu Gangguan Fungsi Hati
  7.   Ramuan Jamu Maag/Ganguuan lambung
  8.   Ramuan Jamu Batu Saluran Kencing
  9.   Ramuan Jamu Gangguan Kencing Manis
  10.   Ramuan Jamu Kebugaran
  11.   Ramuan Jamu Obesitas

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