From Coaching the Farmers up to Setting Up Own Standards

"The best results are born of the best process. In terms of planting medicinal plants, this process does not only start with the selection of seeds, but also begins from adequate knowledge and insight of the farmers"

Published by : Kurnia HD  -  20/05/2020 22:05 WIB

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In maintaining the supply of raw materials for medicinal plants and jamu, B2P2TOOT collaborates with farmers outside the B2P2TOOT institutions. Farmers become suppliers of the raw materials for B2P2TOOT’s researches and treatments. To get the best yields, B2P2TOOT provides regular coaching to the farmers basis, even though it is not yet in a comprehensive scale.

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“How to make good crops, or in the more technical term, the good agricultural practices, are fulfilled. From the good agricultural practices, handling, processing, its GMP up to CPTB, but we’re not there yet. That’s usually in the industry. “Said Akhmad Saikhu when explaining the coaching or education for the farmers.

The harvest of medicinal plants and jamu from farmers is then used for B2P2TOOT internal purposes. Until now, the crops have not been thrown out to supply markets or industries that need them. However, if there are parties in need, they can contact the farmers. B2P2TOOT provides freedom for them to meet market needs. Although in practice, the price set by B2P2TOOT is higher than the market prices.

Sorting the crop of medicinal plants and herbs from farmers

So, we do our own cultivation, take advantage of our own results, we don’t supply to other places such as markets or industries. However, if they are in need, they can contact the assisted farmers. As long as we serve our needs to meet market needs, we give freedom to the assisted farmers. Even though in practice our price is higher than the market price,” said Akhmad Saikhu.

B2P2TOOT is very strict in selecting the yields of medicinal plants and herbs from the farmers. Only crops that comply with B2P2TOOT standards are accepted. Usually, if there is a crop that is not up to standard, the cause is because the harvest time is too slow or too long so that it reduces the content.

“We choose the yields according to the standards we have set. If it is not according to the standard, we will reject it. Maybe the harvest is too slow, or it takes too long, the content may decrease or not be in the produces at all ”

Testing the curcumin content of the harvest

B2P2TOOT will test the yields from the assisted farmers. For example, ginger should have curcumin content of 1.5. When farmers deposit their crops, B2P2TOOT will take sampling to test their content. If the content is in accordance with the standards, B2P2TOOT will accept it. If the content does not meet the standards, you are welcome to sell it elsewhere.

“For example, curcuma has curcumin content of 1.5, so we will test it first. Usually we sample one seed and test it here. If the content is according to the standard we accept, if not, please sell it elsewhere. Said Akhmad Saikhu.

This requirement is to ensure that B2P2TOOT does not make a mess with the formula specified. The formula specified has passed research. The steps must be in accordance with the standards, the materials have also been standardized, the process must also be in accordance with the standards, and the final result must also be in accordance with the specified standards.