Natural Ways to Lower High Blood Pressure After Eid Al-Adha

"Hari Raya is a happy moment. Especially when a variety of delicious foods, various meat dishes are served on the dining table. But, don't forget to control yourself so you don't get dizzy, achy from high blood pressure after Eid al-Adha"

Published by : Farida  -  13/09/2022 15:13 WIB

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Having a meat dish is a pleasure in itself. However, if consumed too much, meat can be bad for the body. The Promosi Kesehatan page of the Indonesian Ministry of Health revealed that meat that can cause high blood pressure (hypertension) is red meat. 

Red Meat Can Trigger High Blood Pressure

Red meat, among others, comes from large livestock such as cows, goats, sheep, buffalo, and pigs. This red meat contains high cholesterol. If a body has high cholesterol, it has a high risk of hypertension.

Herbal Medicine for High Blood Pressure

An adult person may have high blood pressure if their blood pressure is above 120/80. If there is a history of high blood pressure, then you should be more careful when consuming meat. As a preventive and treatment measure, many herbs are believed to have efficacy to reduce high blood pressure.

Natural remedies for high blood pressure are usually made from a combination of several vegetables or herbs. Some are boiled, ground, or juiced to make it more delicious. You are also allowed to add some other natural ingredients according to taste.

In contrast to medicines taken according to the doctor’s prescription, natural remedies for high blood pressure can be consumed regularly as long as they are not in excessive portions. Regular consumption is needed so that the herbal efficacy is more felt by the body and as a preventive measure before being risked by this degenerative disease.

Compiled from the Kompas.com page, here is a list of herbs that can be used as natural remedies for high blood pressure.

  • Temulawak (Java ginger, Curcuma xanthorrhiza)

We often find jamu temulawak brought by jamu gendong sellers. It is very practical, because we no longer need to process it, as it is ready to drink. Temulawak contains flavonoid compounds that can reduce high blood pressure.

  • Celery

Aside from garnishes for a dish, celery has good properties for people with high blood pressure. The apigenin content in celery can slow the heart rate and reduce heart contractions. As a result, blood pressure will decrease.

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To consume celery as an herbal medicine, you can make celery infused water or celery juice.

  • Daun Pegagan (gotu kola, Centella Asiatica)  

Daun pegagan (gotu kola leaves) are often used as a natural remedy for high blood pressure in West Java and Banten. The asiaticoside substance in the leaves is able to facilitate the flow of blood vessels so that blood pressure will decrease. Similar to celery, pegagan leaves can be consumed by infusing it in water or juice.

  • Kapulaga

Kapulaga (cardamom) is one of the most popular kitchen spices. But who would have thought that this spice is also good if used as a natural remedy for high blood pressure? Potassium in kapulaga can reduce high blood pressure. In addition, kapulaga is also able to lower cholesterol which triggers hypertension.

You can consume kapulaga by steeping it in warm water, or to make it more delicious we can mix some kapulaga seeds into wedang jahe (ginger tea).

Those are four kinds of herbs that can be used as herbal medicine for high blood pressure. The four types of herbs are often readily available in the kitchen or in traditional markets or supermarkets.

While regularly taking natural remedies for high blood pressure, of course, a healthy diet and lifestyle must be encouraged.