Obat Masuk Angin Cair is Selling Well in the Market, Let’s Find Out What in It

"There are diverse obat masuk angin cair on the market. There is Tolak Angin, Antangin, Antimo Herbal Mint, Basmingin Flu, Fitangin, and many more. Almost all of these obat masuk angin cair use herbs and other natural products as their main ingredients that are believed to be good for health"

Published by : Farida  -  15/10/2021 09:14 WIB

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Before discussing further about obat masuk angin cair, we need to understand the meaning of masuk angin in general. Actually, medically there is no term for masuk angin. This term grew in society because of the symptoms experienced such as too much wind. Masuk angin can be a sign of several diseases, one of which is influenza or colds.

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Tolak Angin and Antangin are the two pioneering products that can be said to open up the obat masuk angin cair (liquid cold medicine) market in Indonesia. Tolak Angin is a product of Sido Muncul, while Antangin is from Deltomed Laboratories.

Tolak Angin cair is formulated from herbal ingredients such as ginger, mint leaves, fennel, ules wood (Indian Screw Tree, Helicteres isora L), clove leaves, and honey. Quoted from the official Sido Muncul website, this obat masuk angin cair has passed clinical trials and is proven to increase endurance and is safe for consumption in the long term. In addition to increasing endurance, Tolak Angin is also able to relieve colds, diarrhea, to maintain endurance during long trips. As a note, Tolak Angin is not recommended for pregnant women. The price per 12ml sachet is around IDR 3,000 – IDR 5,000. 

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Antangin cair is also a popular obat masuk angin cair product. This natural cold medicine has almost the same composition as Tolak Angin. The composition of Antangin cair includes ginger, mint leaves, sembung (sambong, Blumea balsamifera), nutmeg, turmeric, and honey. Antangin cair has several variants, there is Antangin JRG which contains royal jelly, there is also Antangin Mint which contains liquorice, and there is Antangin Junior which contains echinacea flower extract. Antangin can overcome colds, flatulence, nausea, and maintain endurance. Antangin is also not recommended for pregnant and lactating women. The retail price is around IDR 3,000 to IDR 5,000.

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In addition to the two natural cold remedies above, there is also Antimo Herbal Mint. This liquid cold medicine is also able to relieve colds, nausea, headaches, flatulence and provide a warm sensation. Antimo Herbal Mint is made from a combination of ginger, cabe Jawa (Javanese chilies, Piper retrofractum), mint leaves, black pepper, honey, and other ingredients. This traditional cold medicine is not recommended for pregnant women and people with kidney disorders.

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There is also Basmingin from Jamu Jago, specifically for the liquid jamu called Basmingin Flu, because there is also Basmingin in powder form. The ingredients of Basmingin Flu include black pepper, pulasari (maile, Alyxia oliviformis), cardamom, and other ingredients. This traditional cold medicine is able to relieve the symptoms of colds and flu. The retail price ranges from IDR 2500 to IDR 5000.

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The name Fitangin may still sound foreign, but this product is also an obat masuk angin cair in Indonesia. This natural cold medicine is produced by PT. Mitra Ihsan. The use of habbatusauda (Black Seed) is what makes Fitangin different from its previous products. In addition, Fitangin is also formulated with honey, date juice, propolis, red ginger, meniran (leafflower, Phyllanthus urinaria), fennel oil, ules wood, mentholium, clove leaves, and mint leaves. In addition to overcoming colds, Fitangin is also claimed to be able to maintain a healthy body. The retail price ranges from IDR 2500 to IDR 5000.

Of the five obat masuk angin cair above, all of them are recommended to be consumed after eating. You can consume directly or mixed with warm water to taste. Try to write in the comments, which one do you choose?