Pijat Urut: A Long-tested Massage Therapy for You to Try

"After long hours of work, good massaging hands is all of what you need. Yes, massage does make our bodies far better and more relaxed. It also gets rid of body aches right away. You probably did not know yet that massage has been an alternative treatment since the days of the Java’s old kingdoms."

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Once the firm fingers touch the acupoints on your body, you immediately feel far more relaxed. The aches disappear and the body fitters. Furthermore, massage also reduces stress hormones in your body.


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Quoted from health.detik.com, Dr. Kumari explained that there are two stages of response to our bodies when massaged, namely relaxation and mechanics. The relaxation response occurs when the nervous system gets touch. When the body feels relaxed, the heart rate and breathing will slow down and the serotonin hormone levels increase, so that the body relaxer and becomes more positive.

Massage therapy has been known since the Majapahit kingdom and earlier. This is illustrated in the panel 19 of the Karmawibhangga relief at Borobudur Temple. There are several types of treatment depicted on the relief, including the massaging a man scene. Side by side with the relief panel 19, an also depicted the gratitude of someone’s recovery after taking the treatment.

Massage therapy is also clearly illustrated in the tomb of Akhmanthor in Saqqara. The picture shows two people being massaged by two dark-skinned masseurs. Apart from Egypt, Chinese is also has been long known to use traditional massage therapy, since 722 BC.

It is the Chinese who have had a lot of influence in the development of traditional massage therapy in the archipelago. Quoted from darirefleksi.com, the acculturation process of traditional massage occurred at a time when King Hayam Wuruk married a beautiful woman from China. During this time, the healing arts of acupuncture and reflexology were slowly introduced.

Over time, traditional massage therapy is divided into several types and has their respective benefits. The types of massage, among others, are as follow:

  1. Swedish massage

This type of massage is useful for relaxing tense muscles and speeding up the recovery process for the injured body part. Swedish massage movements are quite simple long massaging type with pressure on a certain point, circular massaging movements, and massaging the joints.

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  1. Aromatherapy massage

This massage is almost the same as the Swedish massage. The difference is the use of aromatherapy as the massage oil. In addition, generally around the massaging place there is aromatherapy which is also used to deodorize the room. Aromatherapy massage generally makes us more relaxed, as the aroma stimulates the central nerve. Aromatherapy massage is also believed to make sleep better and relieve symptoms of dysmenorrhea.

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  1. Hot stones massage

Hot stone massage therapy helps improve flow in the body. In addition, this therapy can treat pain on your body. However, for people with heart disease and diabetes, it is advisable to consult a doctor first if you want to do hot stone massage therapy.

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  1. Deep tissue Massage

Deep tissue massaging is to put a lot of pressure on the body to treat muscle aches, injuries, and posture problems. The massage technique is carried out slowly until it touches the deepest muscles and connective tissue.

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  1. Reflexology

Reflexology is in great demand, because it directly leads to acupressure points that are related to all organs of the body. Generally, reflexology is only applied on the soles of the feet and hands.


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