Serai for Fragrant and Delicious Cuisine

"The distinctive aroma of the dishes we have at the dining table, as well as the delicious taste, is a result of the right spices-blend used. Like other kitchen spices, serai (lemongrass) has a function that cannot be replaced by others spices. Lemongrass gives a delicious taste and a warm effect on the body "

Published by : Kurnia HD  -  18/03/2020 09:20 WIB

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Indonesian moms often add serai in their cooking as a default, without ever asking the reason why they put serai in their cooking stuff. It turns out that lemongrass has several benefits in a dish, namely providing a delicious aroma in cooking, enriching the taste of cooking, and eliminating fishy odors. It is undeniable, serai does have a natural fragrance.

Serai usually used in cooking as crushed lemongrasses, thinly sliced, or mashed with other spices. To get the maximum aroma and taste, choose quite old lemongrass stalks. Old serai is characterized by thick, straight, and fresh stems. If you are going to mix it in the broth, simply crush the bottom that is close to the roots.

Apart from being an ingredient for food flavoring, serai is also used as the main ingredient for making drinks. To make a drink, generally serai is combined with ginger to brew wedang jahe serai (lemongrass-ginger tea). This drink is food for night time, especially if the temperature or weather is cold. Lemongrass-ginger will have a warm effect on the body. Have you ever tried it? If not, you can read wedang jahe serai to try to make this drink yourself at home.