Stay fit During Rainy Season with Honey-Lemon Herbs

"Rain is a blessing. It soaks and refresh the fields and springs all the seeds into lush and green environments. However, not infrequently the rainy season is also a scourge for some people. Cold and humid weather also bring suitable condition for bacteria and the virus to thrive which would weaken body's immune system for some others, leaving the body susceptible to disease "

Published by : administrator  -  10/02/2020 08:29 WIB

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When the rainy season comes, you should keep your body fitness. Rain, a combination of cold and wet weather can make the body unfit and prone to illness, like masuk angin (catching a cold). In fact, in the medical world there is no term of masuk angin! The term is used by ordinary people to describe discomfort in the body. Masuk angin causes the body to shiver and not a few who feel absurdly dizzy. Masuk angin also makes the body feel weak, aches and pains. Some people often haunted with this masuk angin problem. In fact, it is true, underestimated colds can cause death, a situation called angin duduk (angina).

You can get rid of masuk angin by drinking a mix of lemon juice and honey. The vitamin C content of lemon water and honey’s antioxidants can boost the immune system. It’s easy to make. Simply provide warm water in a glass of a cup then add the juice of lemon juice and a tablespoon of honey. Mix well and drink it warm. A blend of sour, sweet, fresh, and warm will make the body feel warmer.


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