Temulawak Series Part (1): Healthy and Fit with Jamu Temulawak

""There are no secrets, nothing special. Just simple ingredients," said President Jokowi in a post on his social media when responding to his body's health. It turns out that he has been consuming temulawak for more than 17 years. No wonder he always looks great. Temulawak provides good benefits for health. Its properties are able to increase appetite, increase stamina to treat various diseases "

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Jamu temulawak is made from temulawak combined with various other spice ingredients. According to various studies, temulawak contains many minerals and nutrients that are very good for health. Temulawak contains 59.64% starch, 30% protein, 5.36% ash, and 4.83% fiber. In addition, temulawak also contains curcumin, essential oils, camphor, xanthorrhizol, felandren, turmerone, borneol, cineol and glucose.

These ingredients can function as anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anti-cholagoga, antibacterial, antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-cholesterol, anti-anemia, increase appetite, prevent various diseases, such as acne, mouth sprue, anti-inflammatory, kidney disease, constipation, diarrhea, asthma and so on. Jamu temulawak can also prevent and treat serious diseases. Such as, poisoning, kidney, liver and bone disease.

There are many ways to get jamu temulawak. This jamu is sold by many jamu traders. Now jamu temulawak is also available in sachets which are sold in herbal shops, pharmacies and online shops.

However, the jamu temulawak is also easier to make yourself at home. The ingredients are easy to get. Among them, temulawak (Java ginger, Curcuma zanthorrhiza), ginger, turmeric, tamarind and others. Drink herbal temulawak regularly, so that you stay in a healthy and fit condition.


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