Try it! Jamu Ginggang Is Your Next Unique and Healthy Destination in Yogyakarta

"A visit to Jamu Ginggang for a taste of traditionally-made jamu. And you should taste this jamu of the Jogja’s nobles."

Published by : Farida  -  23/05/2022 09:39 WIB

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Yogyakarta tourism is arguably one of the most popular in Indonesia. Various historical places, natural attractions, creative tours, are in the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta). This time, Jamupedia offers a unique tourist destination in the region, namely Jamu Ginggang.

Jamu Ginggang is a jamu shop with a classic Javanese atmosphere. Located at Jalan Masjid no.32, Gunungketur, Pakualaman, Yogyakarta, Jamu Ginggang has been in jamu business since the 1950s.

Visiting Jamu Ginggang, we will be greeted by a classic house. The wooden chairs and tables are neatly arranged like a civil servant’s house from the 1950s. The wall decoration, some framed old days newspapers complement the atmosphere even more.

Jamu Recipes For the Nobles (Resep Jamu Untuk Para Bangsawan)

As the name suggests, at Jamu Ginggang we will be introduced to a variety of jamu menus. Not an ordinary jamu menu, though. Jamu Ginggang has a long history and is arguably one of the most popular and legendary jamu shops in Yogyakarta.

Quoted from harianjogja.compage, Jamu Ginggang has now been passed down to the fifth generation. To maintain the originality of the product and to maintain its efficacy, the Jamu Ginggang managers continue to use the traditional way to make their jamu menu. All raw materials are ground manually. This was revealed by Rudi Supriyadi, the fifth-generation manager of Jamu Ginggang.

The jamu menu at Jamu Ginggang is diverse. In 2019, the Detik.com page listed 45 menus. All menus are divided into three categories, regular jamu, Jamu Telor, and Cold Drinks. Some of the available menus include beras kencur, kunyit asam, uyup-uyup, galian putri, temulawak, and many more. For Jamupedia friends who are curious with the taste of those jamu menus coupled with eggs, you can try them at Jamu Ginggang.

The original recipe for Jamu Ginggang came from a special healer which also was a courtier for the Duchy of Pakualaman family. After getting permission from Pakualaman, the courtier started selling jamu with a recipe that the royal family usually only drank. If you want to taste the jamu that the nobles used to drink, Jamu Ginggang is the place to be.


Attract National and International Tourists

Jamu Ginggang is open every day from 08.00 WIB to 20.00 WIB. The popularity of Jamu Ginggang is not only confined to Yogyakarta regions. Published on the 2010’s Detik.com page, Jamu Ginggang is also often visited by local tourists from Jakarta, Surabaya, Magelang, and some even from outside Java.

About 11 years later, Rudi revealed that now tourists visiting Jamu Ginggang are not only local tourists. According to Rudi, before the Covid outbreak, international tourists were also Jamu Ginggang regular consumers, but everything changed after the pandemic.

Now, apart from drinking-on-the-spot services, Jamu Ginggang also provides jamu in powdered menu that can be brewed as desired. Besides coming to Jamu Ginggang, tourists who want to enjoy jamu but are too tired to leave the hotel can take advantage of the delivery service via online motorcycle taxis.

Although tourism is currently receding due to the effects of the pandemic, Jamu Ginggang is actually getting a blessing. Processed jamu that are useful for maintaining the body’s immunity are widely ordered by the public. As reported by Kapanlagi.com in November 2020, it was revealed that at the beginning of the pandemic, Jamu Ginggang actually experienced an increase in sales. Processed jamu such as kunyit asam and beras kencur have become people’s favorite for maintaining immunity. The Jamu Ginggang manager admits that in a day he can sell 100 to 200 glasses of jamu.