Visit the Solo’s legendary herbal shop, Toko Akar Sari

"In a shopping area, at the heart of Solo City, stands a legendary jamu and spice shop. It’s Toko Akar Sari (Akar Sari Shop). Akar Sari has been consistent for decades selling various types of jamu, both as raw materials, herbal mix, processed foods and beverages, as well as beauty treatment products. Talking about jamu, Akar Sari is a jamu legend in Solo"

Published by : administrator  -  08/01/2021 13:20 WIB

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Indonesian spices produce a lot of rupiah during this Corona outbreak. People flock to look for jamu and spices to increase their body immunity. One of the industries to shine during this pandemic was industry related to health, one of which was jamu.

When it comes to jamu, the Solo city certainly should not be missed as one of the most important spot for jamu suppliers. Solo has a legendary jamu shop. This shop is a destination for people who want to buy jamu and herbal ingredients. The name of the shop is Akar Sari.

In addition to selling jamu ingredients, Akar Sari also provides jamu racik (herbs mix), processed foods or drinks made from herbal ingredients (such as syrups and candies), and beauty care products (masks, shampoos, scrubs, etc.). This shop is located at Jalan Muhammad Yamin No. 138, Serengan, Surakarta. The location is quite easy to find, as it sits in the middle of Solo City.


The first impression as you step into this shop is the view of various kinds of spices with their distinctive smells. The shop isn’t big, but it manages to give it a traditional, old-school feel with its simplicity. Even so, Toko Akar Sari is arguably the most complete jamu store. In addition, it is said some of the racikan jamu (jamu mix) at the Akar Sari is very effective. The proof is the incoming customers who come are people who come from outside the city, such as Sragen, Klaten, Masaran who are willing to travel quite a distance to the shop. Interestingly, the salespeople who serve there have actually been working for decades. Counting from the least, namely 17 years and the longest 32 years. Wow!

“I have been working here since I was 17 years old and now, I am 49 years old. So, it’s been more than 30 years,” said one of the salespeople.

“Yes, I’m not going to change jobs, it’s been decades. I’m happy here,” he continued.


So, if you curious with this shop, you can always stop by at the toko Akar Sari in Solo. Or now you can also find the store online at Shopee and Tokopedia. That’s it, with all its root in tradition, Akar Sari is also nimble enough to keep up with the time.