4 Jahe Merah Drinks to Boost Immunity During Pandemic

"Jahe merah (red ginger, Zingiber officinale var. rubrum) returned to the public conversation not long ago. Red ginger herbs are believed to be able to increase the body's immunity. During this pandemic, of course, having a good immune system becomes the desire of many people. In addition to eating a healthy diet and enough exercise, many studies say that consuming herbs can help boost the body's immunity. Jahe (ginger), especially jahe merah, is one of the herbs to increase the body's immunity."

Published by : Farida  -  29/10/2021 09:32 WIB

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Jahe itself has three varieties, but jahe merah is considered the most superior because it has the highest level of spiciness and spicy aroma of ginger. This makes jahe merah more preferred from other varieties to be processed and consumed. Jahe merah is believed to be able to increase the body’s immunity. In addition, jahe merah is also believed to reduce bacterial and viral infections, overcome nausea, combat bad cells in the body, and many more.

Source: pyfahealth.com

Consuming jahe merah herbs if only in the form of ginger tea (brewed in hot water plus sugar) must be boring over time. Therefore, in order not to get bored, below Jamupedia provides five recommendations for jahe merah drinks.

  • Teh Jahe Gula Batu (ginger tea with rock sugar)

To first alternative of regular ginger tea, you can mix red ginger with tea (yes, with tea not only hot water). To add taste, you can add stone sugar. It’s easy to make. First, boil water as needed. Then put in the red ginger and cook over a low heat. After approximately 20 minutes, remove the ginger water and put in tea as desired. Wait a minute and then strain. Pour the tea into a serving glass. Don’t forget to put the rock sugar at the base of the serving glass. Rock sugar will give a different taste than regular granulated sugar. You can also replace rock sugar with honey or brown sugar.

  • Jahe Susu Secang (Ginger-Milk-sappanwood Tea)

If the regular jahe susu (ginger milk) drink is too common for you, why not combine it with secang? Adding kayu secang (sappanwood) means adding benefits to a red ginger herb. Kayu secang contains anti-inflammatory properties, so it is good for relieving inflammation. It’s also easy to make the drink. Boil enough water then put in smashed jahe merah, kayu secang to taste, and lemongrass. You can also add pandan leaves to add to the aroma. Wait for it to simmer for -+ 3 minutes then strain and add the milk. Stir well and enjoy.

  • Jahe Sereh Jeruk Nipis (Ginger-Lemongrass-Kaffir Lime Tea)

This third alternative has a unique taste. You will have spiciness of ginger as well as fresg acidity of lime. Boil ginger and lemongrass in water. Once boiled, add lime about one tablespoon or according to taste. To add sweetness, you can add honey, granulated sugar, rock sugar, or brown sugar. We recommend trying rock cubes for the more refreshing taste.

  • Smoothies Jahe Pisang (Ginger-Banana Smoothies)

Ginger smoothies is still a rarity in Indonesia, because not many are used to it. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be tried. If you are tired of regular ginger tea, try this smoothie. You only need to prepare jahe merah and diced bananas as needed. Freeze the bananas in the freezer for one night. Then clean the red ginger as needed. Peel the red ginger and grate. Once everything is ready, put the frozen banana and grated ginger into a blender. You can add sugar, honey, or yogurt according to taste. Blend all the ingredients until they turn into soft smoothies. This ginger smoothie is not limited to bananas only, you can improvise using other fruits as desired.