5+ Safe Ways to drink Jamu during Fasting

"Jamu can keep our body stay healthy and fit. The herbal ingredients have been proven to be effective in making our bodies more resistant to various health complaints. However, you need to take a note when consuming jamu during Ramadan month, as you cannot do is as in regular days."

Published by : Kurnia HD  -  06/05/2021 16:16 WIB

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Basically, there are no restrictions on consuming jamu during fasting, as stated by dr. Ingrid Tania in live with jamupedia (18/04/2021). That’s because jamu are made from herbal ingredients that have almost no side effects and have ingredients that provide benefits to our bodies. However, we should not just consume herbs during fasting just like in any regular day to avoid unwanted effects.


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According to dr. Ingrid, to avoid this impact, we must adhere to the rules of consuming herbal medicine during the month of Ramadan. Here are some rules that you can apply if you want to consume jamu during Ramadan.

1. Rehydration of the body after a day of fasting with water and dates

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2. Enjoy takjil first

Having the takjil (iftar) first is recommended for Jamupedia friends who suffer from gastric problems. This will prevent from unwanted things, such as nausea, pain, and so on. However, if you have no stomach complaints, you can consume jamu after breaking the fast with water and dates. It is important to remember, avoid consuming fried foods to start the takjil menu.

3. Choose jamu that refresh and hydrate the body

Choose jamu that contain tannins, because they attract or hold fluids out of our bodies. In addition, choose jamu that can restore energy, such as beras kecur, kunir asem, or herbal ingredients from hydrating flowers like rosella (Hibiscus sabdariffa) and telang (Clitoria ternatea).

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4. Consume calming jamu before bed

Consuming soothing jamu can make our digestive tract more comfortable and sleep more soundly. We can try wedang jahe susu (ginger milk tea) or kunyit susu (turmeric milk).

5. Drink water first before drinking jamu at suhoor

Jamu can increase stamina, such as jamu temulawak (Java ginger, Curcuma zanthorrhiza ) or jamu containing turmeric. However, if you suffer from gastric problems, you can drink jamu after suhoor to avoid bad effects.

6. Avoid consuming jamu containing mint leaves for people with gastric problems, because they can trigger GERD recurrence.

Well Jamupedia friends, those are some rules if you want to safely consume jamu during Ramadan fasting. For those of you who suffers from gastric problems, avoid some jamu mentioned previously. In addition, consult your doctor if you are not sure about taking jamu during the fasting month.

That’s it, Jamupedia friends. Stay healthy, obey health protocols, and don’t forget to consume jamu to maintain our body immune systems.