5+ Wholesome Dishes to Try in This Eid

"Fasting month is coming to end. The Muslims’ most-anticipated moment will come in a matter of days, the Eid. For our Muslim friends, are you ready for the victorious day? Or are you still confused in finding the special dishes to serve in the memorable day?! "

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For most Muslims, choosing special menus for Eid can present difficult challenges. Usually, during Eid, most of us local Indonesian Muslim cook large portions of delicious dishes to satisfy our taste buds after fasting for a whole month. But, no matter how ravenous we are, we should be wise in choosing the dishes to enjoy during Eid. Because, after Eid, there often surges in food-related health problems, such as cholesterol, gout, diabetes, sore throat, and many others.

Still have no clues in finding the healthy menus for Eid? The following are some of the wholesome Eid menus for you to try.


1. Dates

Date is a mandatory fruit during Eid. This fruit is a good source of dietary fiber for the body. Dates can improve digestion, prevent diabetes, maintain bones, nourish the heart, and act as an antioxidant to ward off free radicals in the body.

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2. Mix Fruits Salad

The second menu is a mix fruit salad. The mixture of various fruits in the salad can maintain skin smoothness, meet the need of fiber intake, and a source of antioxidants in the body.

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3. Opor Ikan Tanpa Santan (Fish Opor without Coconut Milk)

Well, opor is also a mandatory dish during Eid. Fish contains omega 3 which can increase intelligence. In addition, fish contains substances that can maintain bodily functions and prevent health problems.

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4. Ketupat Beras Merah (Brown Rice Ketupat)

This food menu is suitable for the diet programs, because brown rice is rich in fiber and high in antioxidants. It can improve digestion, heart disease, diabetes, detoxify toxins, lower cholesterol, and prevent cancer.

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5. Herb Cookies

This snack is made from “empon-empon“, contains various compounds that function as antioxidants. Its properties can boost the immune system, make skin smooth and treat various health problems.

6. Jamu Campur Sari

To maintain a healthy body, jamu can be the answer. The jamu campur sari consists of jamu temulawak (Java ginger jamu), jamu beras kencur (turmeric-rice jamu), jamu kunyit asam (tamarind-turmeric jamu), and jamu sinom (young tamarind leaves). These four jamu have extraordinary properties for our health.



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