Benefits of Daun Sirih Part (1): An Overview of Sirih Plant

"Daun sirih (betel leaf) is often used as herbal medicine to treat various types of illnesses. In China, betel is used to treat indigestion, coughs, reduce inflammation, and relieve itching. Meanwhile in India, the leaf is known as a warming aromatic, antiseptic, and improves sexual arousal. So, what properties in betel that help to treat various diseases?"

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Sirih are classified into several types including sirih hijau/green betel (Piper betle L), sirih merah/red betel (piper crocatum), sirih Belanda/Dutch betel (Scindapsus aureus) and various other ornamental betel types. Of the types, sirih hijau and sirih merah are often used as medicine ingredients. Actually, there is not much difference between the two betels apart from their leaves’ colors and the mucus that comes out when the leaves are torn. Both green and red betels have a bitter taste. In terms of aroma, sirih merah has a more fragrant aroma than sirih hijau. In general, both have the same properties for healing various diseases.

Properties in sirih hijau and sirih merah include essential oils, betle phenols, sesquiterpenes, starches, diatases, sugars, tannins and kavikol (which can kill germs), antioxidants, fungicides, and anti-fungi. Daun sirih is also known for its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and skin cooling properties. The benefits are unlimited if consumed or drunk, the benefits will also be felt by the body’s organs.

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