Calm Yourself with Maternity Pilis

"Several Indonesian artists posted photos of using pilis after giving birth, including Sarwendah, Ayu Dewi, Syahnaz, Paula Verhoeen, Ussy Sulistyawati, and Vicky Shu. So, what is pilis really for?"

Published by : Kurnia HD  -  30/08/2021 20:06 WIB

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If you live in the Java region, you may be familiar with the use of pilis by post-partum mothers. Especially in rural areas, you can still find that the use of pilis is not a new thing.

Pilis is a post-partum jamu to be used by applying it to the forehead. It’s a solid powder in the original form, which is later dissolved in a little water until it thickens and pasted on the forehead. Pilis has a cooling effect and the aroma of its natural ingredients makes mothers feel more relaxed.


Image source: www.brilio.net

Pilis is easy to make and use. Generally, pilis is made from a mix of various spices and rhizomes, such as turmeric, kencur (aromatic ginger, Kaempferia galanga), mint leaves, bunga kenanga (ylang flowers), and various other ingredients. All the ingredients are then ground until smooth and ready to useon the forehead.

During the pilis using time, postpartum mothers become calmer and more relaxed. Pilis effect can relieve post-partum dizziness. In addition, pilis can also maintain eye health, treat headaches, and prevent white blood from rising to the head.

Quoted from linisehat.com, pilis essential oil that enters the bloodstream through the skin provide a prominent pharmacological effect to overcome pain, anxiety, sleep disorders, and depression.

So, it is wise if postpartum mothers use pilis as a form of self-comforting therapy. This is because post-partum mothers often experience fatigue, stress, and a decreased immune system. However, if you have certain health complaints, you need to consult your doctor before using pilis to avoid certain health issues.