Daun Suji, Your Natural Hemorrhoids Cure

"Hemorrhoids, actually, are not a lethal disease. But it’s very torturous. People with hemorrhoids will feel excruciating nagging pain when sitting down."

Published by : administrator  -  29/10/2019 10:19 WIB

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Is it true that prolonging sit in front of the TV or laptop can cause of hemorrhoids? Not so. The habit, plus snacking, indicates that you have a less than ideal lifestyle and lack of movement. This can lead to weight gain and eventually obesity. Well, obesity is one of the causes of hemorrhoids. Other things to cause hemorrhoids are lack of drinking, lack of fiber intake for the body, chronic constipation, pregnancy, lifting heavy objects, and age.

Hemorrhoid can be fatal if ignored. Acute hemorrhoids can cause bleeding, blood clots in the blood vessels, anemia, strangulated hemorrhoids which results in obstruction of oxygen intake in the body. Even surgery is a last resort if hemorrhoids cannot be treated with regular treatment.

Apart from medical measures, there are other alternatives to treat hemorrhoid problems. You can try jamu from leaves of suji (Dracaena angustifolia). This leaf is believed from generations to be able to treat hemorrhoids. The herb is even written in book Jamu Jawa Asli Darmi, published by Yayasan Pengelolaan Obat Tradisional Indonesia (the Indonesian Traditional Medicine Management Foundation).

Along with the herb recipe, the book also mentions things to do to avoid or prevent hemorrhoids. The following is recipe of jamu hemorrhoids with daun suji:


  1. 3-5 suji leaves
  2. Salt
  3. ½ glass of water

Ho to make:

  1. Wash the suji leaves
  2. Mash or blender the suji leaves
  3. Squeeze the suji leaves and take the juice
  4. Mix the juice with water and add a little salt
  5. Drink the jamu every morning and evening

You may try this jamu when you start to feel the symptoms of hemorrhoids. But that’s not enough, you also have to pay attention to a number of things so that hemorrhoids heal faster: consume enough fibrous food, drinking enough water, never holding back bowel movements, and finally don’t push hard when you have a bowel movement.



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