Dear Sobat Ambyar: Go, Get Your Ginger Tea, So It Won't Get So Ambyar!

"The year 2019 is almost over, but Didi Kempot is still on the throne and is always on the top trending! Is Jamupedia friend also a Sobat Ambyar as well? The one who, in the middle of night, is willing to squeeze in the crowd of the Sobat Ambyar under the open sky and bone-chilling cold wind, just to worship Lord Didi chants his Cidro's song lyric! Let's read this article, you may have a broken heart now, but don't let your body down as well!"

Published by : administrator  -  28/10/2019 16:02 WIB

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The angin malam (night wind) is vicious, some said. Even though the term angin malam is not known in the medical world. The term is used by ordinary people to describe the wind the people exposed to when they go out at night. Angin malam does have different characteristics from the wind during the day. Angin malam tend to be cooler and humid. These factors can trigger health problems, like having a masuk angin (catching a cold).

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This is in addition to the Didi Kempot concert which is often held at night in the open field, making Sobat Ambyar (a call for Didi Kempot’s fans, means (literally) ‘kamerad of the brokenhearted’) should go out at night and sleep before dawn -if they don’t want to miss his concert. In fact, a good night’s sleep plays an important role in recovering body condition. In conditions of lack of rest, people who are exposed to the angin malam are naturally prone to health problems.

Jamupedia - Jahe

Well, so for your body not to go awry, you can try ginger. Of course, the warmth of ginger can’t warm a sore heart, but it will help you fight the angin malam. Ginger contains compounds to overcome pain, inflammation, germs and viruses. In addition, ginger can also warm the body and make the body more relaxed. To prevent colds, ginger can be made into a wedang jahe (ginger tea). It’s so easy to make! First, wash the ginger (you need about 2 to 3 segments for 1 cup of water). Then grate the ginger, boil and strain the water. For a sweeter taste, you can add rock sugar or honey. To keep it warm (and trendy) store the wedang jahe  in a tumbler or mini thermos.

Jamupedia - Jahe

Don’t forget to wear a thick jacket and beanie, then sip the wedang jahe while enjoying Lord Didi’s song, hmmm, the warmth must touch your heart!

NB: Even though you are already know wedang jahe recipe, don’t force yourself to watch Didi Kempot every night. Get enough rest. If you still want to ambyar, you still can enjoy Didi Kempot Online.i