Do It Yourself! Make Your Own Aromatherapy at Home! Coffee Therapy Aroma Candle? Here's How to Make It!

"A cup of hot or cold coffee is a drink to order during hangout. A couple of Indie songs from No Stress and fourtwnty is most welcomed complement. But did you know that coffee can also be used for aromatherapy?"

Published by : administrator  -  02/11/2020 09:30 WIB

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Coffee has become a part today’s millennial generation lifestyles. Coffee shops are opened in many cities as a place to hang out and chats with friends.

Well, there is good news for coffee lovers! Now the coffee beans can also be used as aromatherapy to refreshes the mind and gives a fragrant sensation to the room.

The aroma of coffee beans is unique. Especially for coffee connoisseurs, just smelling the aroma of coffee has made the mood better. Well, if you are one of coffee aroma lovers, you can make aromatherapy from coffee ingredients at home!

Then, how to make it? Just follow the steps.

Materials and equipment:

  • Coffee powder
  • Candle, chop into pieces
  • Glass glass/vase
  • Wick
  • Cup/pan

How to make:

  1. Place the candle pieces in a cup and melt it a microwave/stove for about 30 seconds.
  2. Put the wick and take a little melted candle, pour it into a glass container/vase. When it’s dry, sprinkle coffee grounds on it.
  3. Do it alternately until almost full.
  4. Let stand for 1-2 hours until completely solid.
  5. The coffee candle is ready to be lit and enjoy the aroma.

So, no need to buy an expensive aromatherapy coffee, you can make it at home affordably for an always fresh room and calmer mind.

Read the following article for another #diy aromatherapy!


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