Here Are Awesome Ideas You Can Do to Celebrate National Jamu Day

"National Jamu Day which falls on May 27 can be the right moment for us to do jamu tours to jamu centers"

Published by : Farida  -  13/06/2022 09:19 WIB

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National Jamu Day 2022 is celebrated on 27 May. Because the post-pandemic conditions are getting better this year, the 2022 National Jamu Day should not only be cheered on social media. We can take advantage of the National Jamu Day by visiting places or areas that have a close relationship with jamu.


National Jamu Day was first commemorated in 2008 after being stipulated by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY). The declaration of the National Jamu Day aims to create a moment that can strengthen the consumption of jamu among the people.


Through the National Jamu Day, it is expected that jamu can be increasingly known by society. In reality, there are still many who think that jamu is only enjoyed by the elder generations and has not touched the younger generation yet. But this has started to change, because there have been many contemporary cafes that serve jamu as the main menu. Not only serving traditional jamu, these contemporary cafes also innovate by creating jamu menus that are more attractive to the younger generation.

National Jamu Day is also expected to encourage more scientific jamu, so that the benefits in jamu are not always a one-sided claim, but can also be justified scientifically.

National Jamu Day 2022

In 2022, National Jamu Day is celebrated face-to-face, as the post-pandemic conditions are getting better and various restrictions are relaxed. For Jamupedia friends who want to honor the 2022 National Herbal Day, you can do the following;

  • Go to Jamu-related Events 

National Jamu Day is usually a moment for several agencies to hold various events. You can search for event information about jamu medicine held in your city. In addition to being entertainment, events like this usually provide a lot of information related to jamu.

If you are in Solo areas, you can visit the Solo National Press Monument from 23 May 2022 to 31 May 2022. Quoted from Solopos.com, the National Press Monument holds Pameran Usada, Seni Penyembuhan Tradisional (Usada Exhibition, the Art of Traditional Healing).


You can enjoy a variety of ready-to-drink jamu products or some instant products for home use. You can sample all the products freely. 

Even though it was not intended as a commemoration of National Jamu Day, the event was good enough to treat the longing of jamu lovers with thematic offline jamu-related events. 

  • A Tour to Kampung Jamu

To commemorate National Jamu Day, Jamupedia friends may visit to Kampung Jamu (Jamu village). Indonesia has many jamu villages, which already have tour packages. For an examples, you may visit Kampung Jamu Nguter, Sukoharjo, Central Java. There is also the Desa Wisata Jamu Kiringan (Jamu Kiringan Tourism Village), Bantul, Yogyakarta. In Semarang there is a Desa Wisata Jamu Wonolopo (Wonolopo Jamu Tourism Village). In addition to these villages, there are many more of jamu spots, Jamupedia friends just need to adjust the most affordable place to visit.

A tour to jamu villages will give you an authentic experience of jamu. You can see how to plant the jamu raw materials, to harvest them, and to process the raw materials into the finished product. This new knowledge will certainly be very useful for both children and adults.

  • To Hang out at the Jamu Café 

To hang out with friends at a jamu cafe on National Jamu Day can be the right choice. It’s not impossible that Jamupedia friends will get special price discounts on that day. In addition, it is also to help small and medium Jamu cafes enterprises that are on the rise again after being hit by the pandemic.