Jahe Herb to Relieve Toothache

"It’s better to have a toothache instead of having a broken heart”, Dangdut singer Meggy Z once said. In fact, toothache can make people more sensitive and irritable, so it's not fun to joke around. Meggi Z probably has never been hurt by an ex, or he had already known that ginger can relieve toothache! "

Published by : administrator  -  12/11/2019 11:32 WIB

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Toothache causes excruciating pain. It hinders our activities. It should be treated immediately, otherwise it affects the health of other bodies. There are many causes of toothache: cavities, infections, tooth fractures, inflammation of the gums and jaw joints. But whatever the causes, the pain seems make our world to stop. Toothache will be more pronounced when we eat or drinks. One of the best remedies to relieve toothache pain is to use jahe (ginger). The anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties in ginger can help reduce pain.

It’s easy to make the jahe herb. Just boil one or two ginger rhizomes in water. After that, pour the ginger tea into a cup. Let stand a few moments to cool down, then use it to rinse your mouth. Repeat until the pain subsides. Apart from gargling, you also can drink the jahe herb. You can add a few drops of honey or lime to make it taste more delicious. But, as usual, the best medicine for toothache is to keep your teeth and mouth clean. Brush your teeth regularly, especially at night just before bed.



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