Serai, a Handy Ingredient to Relieve Shortness of Breath

"In normal conditions, breathing presents no problems to our body. It’s part of our natural life. However, this normal condition may turn into nasty one when you caught shortness of breath (Dyspnea), as the chest feels tight and even painful when breathing. Shortness of breath will have a major effect on oxygen intake in the blood and subsequently affect our physical activity. In addition, shortness of breath can be fatal if not addressed properly."

Published by : Kurnia HD  -  23/03/2020 13:36 WIB

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Shortness of breath occurs from several reasons, one of which is from doing a fairly strenuous activity, such as exercising. Shortness of breath can also occur as a body’s signal for certain diseases being suffered. The severity of shortness of breath depends on the causes. Shortness of breath can happen suddenly, and, when it strikes, it requires immediate treatment.

Mostly, people with shortness of breath will be advised to use an inhaler or take certain medicines. But, along with the over-the-counter medicines you can also try the more natural ingredients, serai (lemongrass). The kitchen stuff turns out has the properties to relieve shortness of breath.

It’s easy to make the a serai herb for shortness of breath. Take 10 lemongrass stems, 2 glasses of water, and brown sugar to taste. Boil lemongrass and brown sugar until the water remaining 1 cup. Cool it down and your serai herb is ready.


People with shortness of breath are advised to drink the herb just once every morning before consuming anything, because too much this lemongrass herb will cause several side effects.



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