Let’s Brew Wedang, the Traditional Drinks from Merauke to Sabang

"Indonesia has various traditional drinks, from Sabang to Merauke. From Wedang uwuh to Saraba. Not only as refreshing drinks, wedang Nusantara also has health benefits, from warming up the body to anti-as oxidant drinks"

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According to the KBBI, a wedang is a drink made from sugar, coffee, tea, ginger, and others which are usually brewed with hot water and consumed to warm body in cold days. So, generally wedang is a term for traditional drinks that use hot water and spices.

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Different types of wedang are available in various regions in Indonesia. In Java island alone, there already various wedang, ranging from wedang jahe (ginger tea), wedang ronde, wedang bandrek, wedang bajigur, wedang sherbet, to wedang uwuh. In fact, wedang uwuh has now gone global with various types of innovations. Reported by solopos.com, wedang uwuh began to spread abroad since 2010, starting from Malaysia, Morocco, Jeddah, to Denmark.

Once wedang is only enjoyed by elder generations. This mindset persists for decades. However, now wedang as a traditional Indonesian drink has begun to be enjoyed by all circles of society. Each type of wedang in Indonesia has a very unique taste.

So far, many people only know various wedang from the island of Java, even though there are many other different wedang from all corners of Indonesia, stretching from Merauke to Sabang, from Bajigur to Saraba.

Let’s read the article about wedang of Nusantara.

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