B2P2TOOT to Open Collaboration for Jamu Promotion

"This recent time is no longer an era of competition. Now is an era of collaboration. Changing the old stigma requires a joined process. Are we ready to be a part of it?"

Published by : Kurnia HD  -  20/05/2020 22:06 WIB

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Popularizing jamu is not only B2P2TOOT’s task. Cooperation of each stakeholder is required in accordance with their respective roles and capacities. That’s what B2P2TOOT expects. For example, the media plays an important role in changing the stigma that jamu tastes bitter. Even though at this time there are many creative herbal products that are not bitter. If the media wants to continue to spread information to the public, over time the stigma will be diminished.

Akhmad Saikhu

“The purpose of the media is to change the stigma. Jamu is not always bitter. Now many products are being developed that are more creative, there are herb sweets or more palatable herbs. The stigma will be reduced over time,” said Akhmad Saikhu.

Jamu can also be modified according to the times. In this millennial era, young people must also be introduced to jamu. One of them can be through jamu cafes that serve jamu as their menu, such as Cafe Acaraki. Acaraki itself is a modern herbal cafe. The herbs in acaraki are made and served with coffee serving techniques in a cozy place. Akhmad Saikhu as the head of B2P2TOOT supports this kind of development. Not limited to variations in F&B processing, it can be in various forms such as soap or aromatherapy from medicinal plants. B2P2TOOT itself is ready to work with parties who are able to seize these opportunities.

Kafe Acaraki

“The millennial generation should also be introduced to jamu. Now there are many cafes like Acaraki, where Jamu are prepared and served by baristas. There is also the formulation branch here, developing examples of how this medicinal plant can be modified into so many variations, not only for edible stuff but also aromatherapy, and then soap. So that’s what we have to do, what we socialize. Well, later is the question of which industry will cooperate with us to seize these opportunities ”

The results of B2P2TOOT herbal product research are expected to end in a product. Scientific herbal medicine and phyto-pharmacy are herbal products which are targeted by B2P2TOOT to be developed. For this development B2P2TOOT collaborates with other parties called Pentahelik.

“The standardized herbal ingredients are scientific herbs and phyto-pharmacy. These are the herbal products that we are going to develop here. That’s all, we are also working with other parties which we call the Pentahelik, “said Akhmad Saikhu.

So far, B2P2TOOT has also collaborated with academics at universities, industry, other ministries, local governments, communities, GP herbal medicine, and the media. The media, including Jamupedia, play an important role in disseminating activities carried out by B2P2TOOT. Conversely, the media also need content for news.

B2P2TOOT Collaboration with Center of Applied Science and Nuclear Power
Image source: http://www.b2p2toot.litbang.kemkes.go.id/

“So not only do we work internally, or only in R & D but we are also BPJM, also working with universities, academics, industry, other ministries, local governments, communities. With media such as Jamupedia we think of working together because we want what we do to be socialized by the media and the media also need material for news content,” explained Akhmad Saikhu.

Forms of cooperation between B2P2TOOT and the Association of Herbal Medicine Entrepreneurs (GP, Gabungan Pengusaha) include holding joint meetings, holding joint exhibitions (both at the provincial or national level). With communities, B2P2TOOT is usually asked to speak at community meetings.

In conducting research, B2P2TOOT does not rule out the possibility of working with partners or other parties. Ahmad Saikhu explained that the cooperation could be in the form of budgets sharing, sharing competent human resources, or sharing facilities and infrastructure.