Not Many People Know, Here Are 7+ Interesting Facts from Jamu Gendong

"In today's modern era, there are many ways to sell jamu in the market. You can find them at regular shops, herbal shops, herbal cafes, and find then online on social media as well. Of course, there are also mbok jamu gendong, who sells jamu directly to the public, carrying a basket of jamu on her back and peddling them around her neighbourhood."

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Jamu Gendong is the same as other jamu. The difference is the way to sell them: the seller sells them by walking around from house to house. In the past, we also often met sellers of jamu gendong on the streets and in markets. In addition, there are also jamu gendong who open stalls in crowded places, such as stadiums, schools, tourist attractions and many others.

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Unfortunately, now it is very difficult to find jamu gendong sellers because the modern marketing beats them. Behind it all, it turns out that jamu gendong has interesting facts that not many people know.

Here are some interesting facts about jamu gendong that you should know!

  1. Called “mbok”

The call “mbok” for the seller of jamu gendong is like a legend in Indonesian jamu world. “Mbok” means a nickname for Javanese elder women in the Kromo register of Javanese language.

  1. Number of Jamu Bottles

The number of bottles carried by jamu gendong varies. That said, if the number of bottles is odd, it means that jamu gendong is already married. Meanwhile, if the number of bottles is even, it indicates that the seller is still a virgin/unmarried.

  1. Using Glass Bottles

If we observe, the bottles used by mbok jamu gendong as jamu container are glass bottles. This is because the bottles are considered more hygienic, safe, and easy to wash even if their weight are fairly heavy as compared to plastic bottles.

  1. Wearing Javanese Traditional Clothing

One of the characteristics of the jamu gendong seller is wearing traditional Javanese clothes. This is because the tradition has been passed down and to show that jamu gendong is a traditional medicine in Java.

  1. Using a Batik to carry the jamu basket

The jamu gendong always uses a batik carrying cloth to carry a basket containing bottles of jamu because it is considered stronger than other fabrics.

  1. Bring a Small Bucket

While walking around, the jamu gendong  seller also always carries a small bucket filled with water to wash the glasses.

  1. Big Basket

The basket where the jamu gendong is carrying the herbal medicine is called a bakul. A bakul is usually made of woven bamboo. In rural areas, small bakul are usually used as a place for rice, while large bakul are used for freshly harvested rice.

  1. Bring a Small Thermos

The jamu gendong seller does not only sell bottled herbs but also packaged herbs and free-range chicken eggs. The function of this thermos is to store hot water for brewing packaged herbs.

From some of the interesting facts above, which facts did you already know? Besides being healthy, jamu is also safe for consumption because it is made from natural ingredients.


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