10 Tips for Safe Shopping during the Corona Pandemic

"The corona virus currently hitting Indonesia makes us nervous about leaving the house. Even so, the supply of foodstuffs and daily necessities must be met, so that regular shopping activities cannot be completely abandoned. In these conditions, some tips are needed so that our shopping does not become a means of corona transmission."

Published by : administrator  -  05/05/2020 14:28 WIB

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Efforts to break the chain of the corona virus have been carried out, one of them is to stay at home and minimize travel except for urgent purposes. But to fulfill our basic daily needs, we inevitably have to leave the house. There are a number of things we should do to stay safe while shopping. The following is the tips.

  1. Be sure that you are fit

Going outside the house when your body is not fit only make you more susceptible to the corona virus which would endangers yourself and others. Therefore, make sure your body is fit for activities outside the home.

  1. Shop by yourself

Try to shop on your own, do not invite or bring your closest one. This will be more time efficient and help reduce the number of people or families who may be exposed to the corona virus.


  1. Shop at low time buyers

As much as possible, plan to shop during low customer hours to avoid crowds and minimize transmission. Avoid shopping during peak hours such as weekends, rest hours, lunch hours, and afternoons.

  1. Don’t forget to wear a mask

Using a mask when going outside is a must during this pandemic. This seems small attempt when carried out by many people can help prevent the transmission of the corona virus. Use a mask when going out of the house and don’t remove it before you get back home.


  1. Clean the handle of the trolley with a wet tissue

To anticipate transmission through the items touched, be sure to clean the handle of the trolley with a wet tissue before use. This is because the corona virus can stick to objects and last for days.

  1. Touch items as minimal as possible

Before leaving for shopping, write down the needs you want to buy so that you don’t need to touch items that are not purchased. Make sure to minimize touching items.

  1. Clean groceries when you get home

Arriving at home, clean the groceries, such as disposing of notes, plastics, disposable masks, and unnecessary items.

  1. Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly after shopping

The fruits and vegetables found in shopping malls have, of course, been touched by many hands. Therefore, wash your fruits and vegetables after you get home.

  1. Shower thoroughly

Water, dust, and pollution will stick to our bodies when outside the house. After getting home, try to quickly take a shower so that no bacteria or germs stick to the body.

  1. Wash clothes worn while shopping

When you are in a crowd or outside the house, it will be easier for bacteria to stick. Even though there is no proof that the corona virus can be transmitted through the air, there is nothing wrong if we always maintain cleanliness. Wash clothes worn while shopping and change into clean clothes.

Well, you can do the 10 tips above for safe shopping during the corona pandemic. In addition, don’t forget to always maintaining cleanliness and fitness of your body. Good immune system makes the body more resistant to the corona virus.

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