7 Simple Tips for the Right Sitting Position During #workfromhome

"Making home as a place to work, as a 'home office', has been a new habit for some workers in the midst of this COVID-19 virus outbreak. This of course also presents a new problem of finding the most comfortable place or sitting position so you don't get tired easily while working. "

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Sitting position are affects your performance during your works at home. If you sit in the wrong position, this will badly affect your spine and hips.

So, how to work at home with the correct sitting position? Check out the following tips below.

  1. Leaning Back on the Backrest

This sitting position reduces the pressure on the back to the waist. In addition, this position makes the body unburdened when supporting body weight.

  1. Make the height between the chair and table balanced

This is important to do so that the nerves in the hands are not distressed, so that the arms are not sore. If you don’t like the floating foot position, you should increase the footrest.



  1. Do not position the computer screen too far from you

Determine the distance between your eyes and the computer screen 50 to 100 cm from your sitting position. Place the keyboard closer and position it as comfortably as possible as well as. Do the same to the mouse or laptop.

  1. Use a small study table if sitting on the floor

If you like to sit on the floor during works, you may use a small study table. Try to keep the body upright and do not bend down your body.

  1. Leaning on the Wall

If you want to lean back, lean against a wall and put a cushion on your back.

  1. Do Stretches

You can stand up and do simple stretching movements, such as straightening your hands or turning your waist to the left and right. You can also take a short walk around the house so you don’t have to be in front of the computer all day.

  1. Wear a headset

This can reduce stiff muscles and pain that eventually damage the ligaments due to frequent bending of the neck while working. By wearing a headset, you can be more flexible when you want to make calls and a completely undisturbed sitting position.



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