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Back to Nature, Brighten Skin Tones with Lulur Beras Kunyit!

Besides being a staple food, rice also has benefits for skin beauty. Rice is also often used as the main ...[More]

- 28 Sep, 2022

Visiting Martina Berto, Learn the Importance of Jamu Documentation

PT Martina Berto TBk (Martina Berto) is a cosmetic and jamu manufacturer company since 1977. Its products are very diverse ...[More]

- 13 May, 2022

Here Are 5 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Bad Breath During Fasting

Bad breath during fasting is often a problem. This can make others uncomfortable and, for people with bad breath, can ...[More]

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Practice These Tips to Avoid Gastric Acid Reflux During Fasting

The month of Ramadan obliges all able-bodied Muslims to perform fasting for a full month. During fasting, Muslims must resist ...[More]

Refreshing and Healthy, Here’s How to Make Betawi’s Specialty Bir Pletok

There are various traditional Indonesian drinks. One of the well-known drinks is bir plethok, a traditional Betawi drink that can ...[More]

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Herbatic Healthy & Vegetarian-Friendly Jamu Ice Cream

It was Elok Pawening Maharani, Sari Yuslia, Arif Sugianto, Anisa Dian Safitri, and Aryo Dwi Nugroho, students of the Faculty ...[More]

Hey Solo Raya Folks! You Should Visit This Contemporary Jamu Cafe

The contemporary jamu business or it can also be called café jamu (herbal café) is now starting to appear in ...[More]

Stay Healthy, Know the 3 Classification of Traditional Medicine

Traditional medicine or natural medicine are medicines that are processed in traditional ways and the raw materials are completely taken ...[More]

Teh Talua, A Minang Egg Tea Specialty to Increase Stamina

Indonesia has various types of traditional drinks or wedang. All of them have their own characteristics and benefits. This time ...[More]

- 25 Oct, 2021

Not Just Focusing on Business, Martha Tilaar Also Promotes Environmental Care Program

Who doesn’t know Martha Tilaar? This lady behind Sariayu’s business, the country’s leading beauty product, has a positive spirit and ...[More]