Jamu Wellness Culture in Indonesia

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1.1 Names of the Element

Jamu has other names in various regions in Indonesia. In some areas on the island of Java, there are those who call it jampi, wejahan, or oesodo. In Bali, jamu is often called loloh or usada. There are also names outside Java and Bali, such as Sanrego or Lamatu in Sulawesi, Ata Mbeko in Flores, Swansea in Papua, Banyu Kinca and Batatamba in Kalimantan, and Bii in Papua.

1.2 Jamu Wellness Culture Description

Jamu is a wellness culture in the form of herbal medicine and traditional treatment heritage of the Indonesian people. According to several literature references, jamu wellness culture has existed in Indonesia since the 8th century AD. This is also proven from various archeological data such as reliefs of Borobudur Temple (8th century AD), reliefs of Rimbi Temple, and several other inscriptions. Jamu wellness culture can also be found in several ancient manuscripts, for example, Kakawin Ramayana (910 AD) and Serat Centini (1814 AD).

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According to professor Jaya Suprana, one of the jamu maestros, jamu is not the same as ordinary medicine. Jamu is not only for health, but also for beauty, happiness, and others. According to the jamu concept, there are hot diseases, cured by medicines of a cold nature. While cold diseases are cured by medicines of a hot nature.  A healthy condition being a balance between hot and cold elements in the body.

Jamu wellness culture consists of traditional crafts and cultural values of healthy living with natural ingredients and traditions (made from plants and spices), as well as knowledge of traditional medicine aimed at promoting health by increasing human immunity. For generations, jamu is believed to increase endurance, maintain health, and help treat diseases. This is especially relevant for a world currently hit by a pandemic. Presently, there are many jamu makers who make special herbal ingredients to increase body resistance as a counter to COVID 19.

A relief carving on Karmawibangga Borobudur
A relief carving on Candi Rimbi


1.3 Jamu Wellness Culture Communities

The following is a list of some communities and practitioners of jamu culture in Indonesia

  1. Paguyuban Jamu Sumber Husodo (Jamu Makers)

Location: Wonolopo Village, Mijen District, Semarang City, Java

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  1. Koperasi Jamu Indonesia, KOJAI (Jamu Makers)

Location: Sukoharjo Regency, Central Java

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  1. Pasar Jamu Nguter (Jamu Ingredients Sellers)

Location: Sukoharjo Regency, Central Java

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  1. Jamupedia (Jamu Experts and Researchers)

Location: Surakarta city, Central Java

  1. Kelompok Jamu Desa Wisata Kiringan (Jamu Makers)

Location: Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Province

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  1. Kelompok Jamu Gesikan Merdikorejo, Tempel Sleman (Jamu Makers)

Location: Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta Special Province

  1. Jamu Cekok Djampi Asli (Jamu Makers)

Location: Yogyakarta City, Yogyakarta Special Province

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  1. Jamu Ginggang Pakualaman (Jamu Maker)

Location: Yogyakarta City, Yogyakarta Special Province

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  1. Jamu Mbah Bayan (Jamu Maker)

Location, Surakarta City, Central Java

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  1. Laskar Jamu Gendong DKI Jakarta (Jamu Makers)

Location: South Jakarta, DKI Jakarta

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  1. GP Jamu (Jamu Experts and Researchers)

Location: Bekasi City, West Java

  1. Poltekkes Surakarta Jurusan Jamu (Jamu Experts and Students Majoring in Jamu)

Location: Klaten Regency, Central Java

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  1. B2P2TOOT Jawa Tengah (Jamu Experts and Researchers)

Location, Karanganyar Regency, Central Java

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  1. Jamu Bu Tari (Jamu Maker)

Location, Yogyakarta City, Yogyakarta Special Province

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  1. Acaraki Kota Tua (Jamu Maker)

Location: North Jakarta, DKI Jakarta

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  1. Kedai Jamu Mentjos (Jamu Maker)

Location: Central Jakarta, DKI Jakarta

  1. Sentra Jamu Maduretno Kabupaten Kediri (Jamu Makers)

Location: Kediri Regency, East Java

  1. Jamu Gendong Rejowinangun (Jamu Makers)

Location: Yogyakarta City, Yogyakarta Special Province

  1. Akar Sari (Jamu Ingredients Seller)

Location, Surakarta City, Central Java

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  1. Jamune Bu’e Village (Jamu Makers)

Location: Batang, Central Java

  1. Herbs Village Jabungan (Jamu Makers)

Location: Semarang City, Central Java

  1. Jamu Smart Village (Jamu Makers)

Location: Yogyakarta City, Yogyakarta Special Province

  1. Jamu Center in Kampung Pejabat (Jamu Makers)

Location: Loktabat, South Kalimantan

  1. Merapi Herbal Farma Agrotourism (Jamu Maker)

Location: Kaliurang, Yogyakarta Special Province

  1. The Association of Jamu Gendong Kartini (Jamu Makers)

Location: Malang, East Java

Jamu Wonolopo community


Jamu Kiringan community


Jamu Market Nguter

Regent of Sukoharjo drinking jamu




1.4 Geographic Location of Jamu Wellness Culture

The geographical location of jamu wellness culture encompasses the whole of Indonesia. There are many concentrations of jamu wellness culture practitioners in the provinces of Central Java, Yogyakarta Special Province and East Java.  Jamu makers from Java have spread throughout Indonesia so that the jamu wellness culture communities have spread throughout Indonesia.

1.5 Jamu Wellness Culture Scope 

The scope of the jamu wellness culture consists of planting and harvesting jamu ingredients, mixing the ingredients into jamu (which is accompanied by praying), selling jamu by jamu gendong sellers, drinking and consuming jamu, teaching jamu knowledge from parents to their children, and also teaching jamu researches by academics (taught in colleges).

Currently there are many jamu makers who make special jamu ingredients to increase body resistance as a counter to COVID 19. The jamu wellness culture community consists of: jamu makers, jamu sellers, jamu ingredients sellers, jamu ingredients farmers, jamu experts, jamu healers, students majoring in jamu and people who like to drink or use jamu.


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